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“Levelling The Playing Fields” – New R1-Million Series Announced By KZN Breeders


“Levelling The Playing Fields” – New R1-Million Series Announced By KZN Breeders

KZN Breeders in partnership with Gold Circle have announced the “Levelling The Playing Fields” R1-million rand Series for KZN-bred horses, in the interests of KZN Racing and Breeding.

The competition is for a sound and versatile KZN-bred horse that can race over distances of 1200m – 1600m, is registered in accordance to the rules of the KZN Breeders Premium Scheme, possesses a gross Merit Rating of 78 or less at the time of entry – and has had a minimum of five runs under their belt.

Each trainer is invited to enter one horse for the series, which will see every leg raced on turf.

A maximum of 30 Horses will compete in each of Rounds 1, 2 & 3 with each Round split into two groups with a maximum of 15 Horses in every group (This will be by ballot).

Riders will be drawn for, by ballot which will add to the excitement of the concept. It must be noted that an Apprentice allowance may be claimed, including the final race at Greyville.

The first round with two competing pools will take place at Scottsville on 2 April 2017, over 1200m on the turf for a stake of R100 000 each.

The second round with two competing pools will take place at Scottsville on 30 April 2017 over 1400m, on the turf for a stake of R100 000 each.

The third round over 1600m will also be Scottsville on the turf, to be held on 27 May 2017 and again for a stake of R100 000 each.

The final (single) leg will be run on KZN Breeders Race Day over 1400m on the turf for a stake of R200 000. The horses competing in this final leg will be the top 14  point earners from the previous three rounds.

The weight range for each race is from 63kgs down to 57kgs, dependant on the Merit Rating – for instance horses with a rating of 76, 77 and 78 will carry 63kgs, a merit rating of 73, 74 and 75 will carry 62kgs etc. A merit rating of 60 and below will carry 57kgs.

Points will be accrued to each horse and jockey in all the races as follows;

First place will be 20 points, second place 17 points, third place 15 – and points then going down by one point dependant on their finishing order, with the 15th place getting only 1 point. As a result this will encourage the  jockeys to ride their horses out to accumulate the maximum amount of points throughout the field.

A horse scratched prior to Race day will accrue 1 point. If the horse has been scratched at the time of the race he will get 7 points.
The top 14 point scorers after rounds 1,2 & 3 will qualify for the Final on 25 June 2017, KZN Breeders Race Day.

Points will be allocated in the Final on the same basis as rounds 1, 2 & 3.

The Trainer, Owner, and Breeder of the horse which has accumulated the most points, including the final, will each win R50 000.

The Jockey who has accumulated the most points through rounds 1,2 & 3 as well as the Final, will also receive R50 000.

A few additional rules:
1. Should a rider become indisposed, a substitute rider will be drawn for but points accrued will be allocated to the original rider.
2. In the event that more than 30 horses are entered, elimination will be from lowest MR upwards. In the event of two or more horses having the same MR, elimination will be by means of ballot.
3. If a horse’s MR is raised above 78 after the series has begun, that horse will continue to be eligible for the entire series and will carry top weight of 63kgs.
4. Should any unforeseen circumstances arise, the Series Committee’s decision shall be binding.
5. Entry into the “Series” and all the individual races making up the series is FREE.

This “Levelling The Playing Fields”series will be run in conjunction with the KZN Breeders Series of seven races for a stake of R200 000 each (two races each for juveniles – and 3y0’s and up over 1200m, 1400m and a single combined race of colts and fillies over 1900m, as well as the exclusive Million Mile taking place – all in all, a very exciting and innovative KZN Breeders Race Day ahead.

The series is aimed to reward;

  • Trainers and owners who do not have the financial means to buy the top horses;
  • Breeders who cannot necessarily afford to go to the top Stallions a chance to compete on level playing fields;
  • Jockeys will be afforded the chance to compete on a fair basis.

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