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It is because of the supreme talent of our equine photographers that we are able to remember, and enjoy some of the most iconic moments in South African racing and breeding history,

Legendary racing journalist and racing guru, Charl Pretorius pays tribute to these heroes and heroines of the lens in South Africa in his latest article in Off The Record, who have and continue to enthrall us with their photos and allow us a peek into the horse racing world.

Over the decades, South Africa has been fortunate enough to have had many great equine photographers who have brought horse racing and all its many aspects to life through their pictures. The current generation of photographers are continuing this rich legacy, thanks to the benefits of modern technology, and as a result they are now able to reach vast audiences, and tell the stories of racing through their lens,,capturing the magic, and captivating countless new generations in the process.

You can read all about them and their contributions in the fantastic, in-depth article that Charl has penned –https://news.4racing.com/off-the-record-30

Picture taken from 4 Racing post.


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