KZN-Breds Represented At 2012 Emperor’s Palace National Yearling Sale

KZN-Breds Represented At 2012 Emperor’s Palace National Yearling Sale

Kahal(GB) Summerhill Stud The Emperor’s Palace National Yearling Sale takes place at the TBA complex in Germiston, on 27 and 29 April 2012.

It is great to see that one of KZN’s top stallions who consistently features within the top 5 of the National Sires Log, Kahal, has the biggest stallion representation at the sale with 31 of his progeny on sale, and it is even better to see some of the yearlings by Kahal on offer are also coming from Cape represented farms such as Maine Chance, Waterford and Bosworth farms.

Standing at National champion 7-time breeders’ Summerhill Stud for the duration of his entire career in South Africa, his stud fee is a reasonable
R45 000 (excl Vat), considering he is surrounded by stallions whose stud fees mostly exceed R80 000 plus. This makes Kahal a worthy candidate to send mares to, even from the Cape. He has sired multiple Grade 1 winners including Desert Links, Bold Ellinore, Spiced Gold, Noble Heir, Tales Of Bravery, and Backworth Stud’s Chocolicious, as well as Art Of War – a Gr 2 placed racehorse in Dubai.

Another KZN stallion maintaining a steel grip as the leading National Sire of 2 Year Olds by Stakes Earned for over three months now is King Of Kings, standing at Clifton Stud. As of 1 March 2012, he continues to lead by stakes of R337 315, lying second behind him are some of the Cape’s top stallions with service fees more then tripling that of King Of Kings. Var is a far off second, with stakes of R231 990, followed by Captain Al and Trippi both sitting on just R192 000. King Of Kings has five Lots on offer from various farms. However Lot 374, a filly, catches the eye. She is a half-sister named Catch A Queen to Gr 2 Emerald Cup winner Phunyuka from Greenhill Farm.

Two sires from KZN who are being represented by their first yearlings at the Nationals is the big well-bred Spanish Harlem, standing at Middlefield Stud. The son of Danehill out of Royal Academy champion racemare, Sleepytime, has a colt – Lot 303 named Gabriel out of a Silvino/Russian Fox mare and descends from the female line of Aquanaut. The other is a filly – Lot 59 named Lightening Lace who is out of a half-sister to Bridal Paths by Muhtafal/Northfields mare represented on the sale.

The other young stallion is Admire Main(JPN) standing at Summerhill Stud. The only son of Sunday Silence on the African continent, he is being represented by a filly from Backworth Stud, Lot 90 named Too Much Fun, out of a Habaayib/Peacetime mare. The third dam is none other then Soho Secret, the dam of London News. This filly descends from an exceptional family and will be one to look out for. The national champion breeders, Summerhill Stud, have the biggest representation on sale, with 38 Lots on offer.

A quick scan through the catalogue reveals Lot 74 from Bush Hill Stud, a half-sister to Gr 2 Emerald Cup winner The Mouseketeer by Miesque’s Approval, named Mystical Mouse. Another is Lot 302, a half-sister to the ill-fated Fort Vogue who passed away in Dubai at the beginning of this year. The filly is by Jet Master, aptly named Whatalady from Clifton Stud. Spring Valley Stud have a half-brother to Vodacom Durban July winner Dunford, Lot 137, an unnamed colt by Mullins Bay. Summerhill have a half-sister to sire Rebel King, Cousin Anne. She is Lot 398 and by Kahal. Her full-brother was Kahal’s top-selling colt for R2,4 million, Uncle Tommy, who is now a 5-time winner.

With the KZN Breeders continuing to produce exceptional racehorses and International and National champions as well as Equus Award winners, such as Gypsy’s Warning, Dancewiththedevil, The Apache, Pierre Jourdan, Extra Zero, The Mouseketeer and Smanjemanje, to name but a few, it is worth investing in KZN, where breeders are rewarded for success!

Below is a list of the KZN-breds attending the Emperor’s Palace National Yearling Sale, in ‘Lot’ order. View the complete catalogue at this link.

Sales catalogues courtesy www.tba.co.za

Lot Name Sex Sire Dam Stable No: Breeder
3 Ermine Street c. Right Approach Harolds Gold C27 Aldora Stud
4 Hell’s Kitchen f. Antonius Pius Haute Cuisine C25 Aldora Stud
7 Isithelo f. Duke Of Marmalade Heaven Instead A100 Summerhill Sales – Property Of A Partnership
9 10highlyconfidential f. Kahal Highlyconfidential A59 Kjell Foundation
16 Shakaland c. Kahal Hot Reception D2 Summerhill Sales – Property Of A Partnership
26 African Violet f. Argonaut Indigo C45 Yellow Star Stud
37 Acapulco c. Stronghold Jumeirah Beach G43 Rathmor Stud
38 Get Airborne c. A.P. Arrow Jumping Jaguar D3 Summerhill Sales – Property Of A Partnership
39 Mulberry Bay f. Mullins Bay Juniper Berry A94 Summerhill Sales
41 Kali’s Insignia c. National Emblem Kali Mist C99 Clifton Stud (pty) Ltd
51 Wingate c. Mogok La Chene A18 Barton Hall Stud
55 Lady Silvia f. Silvano Lady Gray C46 Yellow Star Stud
59 Lightning Lace f. Spanish Harlem Langtry C40 Middlefield Stud
61 Alderbaron c. Black Minnaloushe Lanterns Of Gold E1 Scott Bros – Highdown Stud
62 Divine Will f. Mullins Bay Larny Lady A95 Summerhill Sales – Property Of A Company
67 Wishful Heart c. Carpocrates Linsumi C41 Middlefield Stud
69 Lite And Bright f. Muhtafal Lite A Fire A96 Summerhill Sales – Property Of A Partnership
71 Dream Hunter c. Kahal Little Legend E55 Greenhill Farm
73 10logetta c. Fort Wood Logetta C97 Clifton Stud (pty) Ltd (agent)
74 Mystical Mouse f. Miesque’s Approval Look Sharp E35 Bush Hill Stud
78 Leah’s Little Luv f. Antonius Pius Love Leah C109 Clifton Stud (pty) Ltd
81 Kalidar c. Kahal Lydara E73 Roski Stud – G.J. Royden-turner
85 Ravishing Gem f. Ravishing Malhub’s Gem A97 Summerhill Sales – Property Of A Company
88 Greystoke c. Kahal Maximum Break C64 St Helier Stud
89 Dhaamer c. Kahal Mekyaas D4 Summerhill Sales – Property Of A Company
90 Too Much Fun f. Admire Main Merriment G37 Backworth Stud
106 Lucky Break c. Muhtafal Moving On Up G39 Backworth Stud
111 Rigtersveld c. Kildonan National Feature C61 Yellow Star Stud
112 Vibrato c. Horse Chestnut National Gypsy C60 Yellow Star Stud
114 Royal Jester f. Miesque’s Approval Naughty But Noble F2 Scott Bros – Highdown Stud
115 Solar Star c. Kahal Nevada Sunrise D5 Summerhill Sales – Property Of A Partnership
127 10olympic Hope c. Mullins Bay Olympic Hope A61 Kjell Foundation
129 Weaponology c. Kahal Once In A While E56 Greenhill Farm
135 Isthandosami f. Kahal Particular Passion A98 Summerhill Sales
137 10pelican Brief c. Mullins Bay Pelican Brief E37 Spring Valley Stud
143 Grand Baie c. Mullins Bay Personify D6 Summerhill Sales – Property Of A Gentleman
147 She’s A Looker f. Mogok Pin Up Babe F3 Scott Bros – Highdown Stud
154 10popular Soul f. Miesque’s Approval Popular Soul C74 Avalon Stud
157 Hillbrow c. Right Approach Private Property C59 Yellow Star Stud
159 10protea c. Kahal Protea A60 Kjell Foundation
161 Flight Warning c. A.P. Arrow Qaphela D7 Summerhill Sales – Property Of A Partnership
164 10rambo’s Gem f. Mullins Bay Rambo’s Gem A80 Summerhill Sales – Property Of A Partnership
165 10rambo’s Love c. Trippi Rambo’s Love E74 Roski Stud – G.J. Royden-turner
166 Be Fabulous f. Kahal Ramp Model G38 Backworth Stud
167 Run The Arrow f. A.P. Arrow Ransom A81 Summerhill Sales – Property Of A Partnership
168 10really Rich f. Imperial Stride Really Rich E44 Spring Valley Stud
174 Red Red Ruby c. Mogok Ridge Shiraz C100 Clifton Stud (pty) Ltd
180 Ukulala f. Kahal Roman Dream A82 Summerhill Sales
182 Battle Of Arcole c. Mogok Rose Of Arcole E2 Scott Bros – Highdown Stud
183 Silva Hawk c. Silvano Rosella D8 Summerhill Sales – Property Of A Lady
185 10royal Canton f. King Of Kings Royal Canton E30 Somerset Stud
186 Shezsdivine f. Ravishing Royal Devine A16 Barton Hall Stud
195 Mr President c. Muhtafal Secret Emblem D9 Summerhill Sales – Property Of A Partnership
199 Summer Flush f. Silvano September Bells G36 Backworth Stud
200 10shadow Sport c. Argonaut Shadow Sport C72 Avalon Stud (agent)
208 10shimmy Shake c. Oratorio Shimmy Shake E72 Burwell Stud
211 10silent Legacy c. King Of Kings Silent Legacy C67 Keivan Stud
214 Specially Approved f. Miesque’s Approval Silver Special E75 Roski Stud – G.J. Royden-turner
218 How Proud c. Husson Smidgin D10 Summerhill Sales – Property Of A Gentleman
222 10sonic Enquiry c. King Of Kings Sonic Enquiry E38 Spring Valley Stud
227 Star Attraction f. Kahal Spectator Appeal E60 Greenhill Farm
231 Highly Decorated f. Captain Al Spring Garland A83 Summerhill Sales – Property Of A Partnership
239 Call Of The Hunt f. Miesque’s Approval Stirrup Cup F4 Scott Bros – Highdown Stud
248 Tongaat c. Miesque’s Approval Sugar Magnolia E3 Scott Bros – Highdown Stud
249 10summer Bonnet c. Kahal Summer Bonnet C71 Avalon Stud
251 What A Boytjie c. Muhtafal Summersault D11 Summerhill Sales – Property Of A Gentleman
265 Tiesto c. Atso Tacoma E4 Scott Bros – Highdown Stud
270 10texan Summer f. Joshua Dancer Texan Summer C75 Avalon Stud
271 Day Of The Tiger c. Tiger Ridge The Daydream C98 Clifton Stud (pty) Ltd (agent)
273 There Is A Dream c. Muhtafal Theres The Light D12 Summerhill Sales – Property Of A Company
280 Timeless Test f. Miesque’s Approval Timeless Tune F5 Scott Bros – Highdown Stud
283 Hamley’s On Regent c. Atso Toyshop E5 Scott Bros – Highdown Stud
285 Dragonstone c. Stronghold Tristram’s Frolic D13 Summerhill Sales – Property Of A Gentleman
287 Lightning Lily f. Fort Wood True Lily C108 Clifton Stud (pty) Ltd
288 True Arrogance c. A.P. Arrow True Tempo E40 Spring Valley Stud (agent)
289 Royal Trump c. Teofilo Trumps D14 Summerhill Sales – Property Of A Partnership
290 Ethemba f. Kahal Trusted Instinct A84 Summerhill Sales – Property Of A Partnership
295 Casha f. Stronghold Vanish A89 Summerhill Sales
298 Barabill c. Mullins Bay Verve Cliquot D15 Summerhill Sales – Property Of A Partnership
302 Whatalady f. Jet Master Vogue C107 Clifton Stud (pty) Ltd
303 Gabriel c. Spanish Harlem Voice Of An Angel C44 Middlefield Stud (agent)
308 Wendy Mae f. Black Minnaloushe Wendys F6 Scott Bros – Highdown Stud
311 Distiller f. Mogok Whiskey Way F7 Scott Bros – Highdown Stud
316 Marino Casino c. Stronghold Winning Glory D16 Summerhill Sales – Property Of A Partnership
317 Lord Avon c. Overlord Winter Ade E6 Scott Bros – Highdown Stud
331 Ethylene f. Miesque’s Approval Acetylene F8 Scott Bros – Highdown Stud
339 Zikomo c. Miesque’s Approval Amarosa Di Massa C42 Middlefield Stud
344 Free Flight f. A.P. Arrow Any Dream E61 Greenhill Farm
348 Mr Higgins c. Muhtafal Ardara D17 Summerhill Sales – Property Of A Partnership
351 Thrill Factor f. Windrush Auburn Annio G35 Backworth Stud
354 Mediterranean Man c. Mullins Bay Beat The Breeze C65 St Helier Stud
355 10bee ‘n Bee c. Kahal Bee ‘n Bee G44 Rathmor Stud (agent)
356 A Wish Right Now f. King Of Kings Bella Lea E31 Somerset Stud
358 Lord Trafalgar c. Overlord Beside The Sea E7 Scott Bros – Highdown Stud
360 10betty’s Bay c. Var Betty’s Bay G45 Rathmor Stud (agent)
362 Black Agate c. Kahal Blue Lace Agate G40 Backworth Stud
365 Mojo G c. Stronghold Bouncebackability B128 Summerhill Sales – Property Of A Gentleman
366 10bound For Gold f. A.P. Arrow Bound For Gold E42 Spring Valley Stud
367 10braashee’s Joy c. Mogok Braashee’s Joy A17 Barton Hall Stud
372 Candenaut f. Argonaut Candelada F9 Scott Bros – Highdown Stud
373 Flying Tern c. Atso Caspian Tern E8 Scott Bros – Highdown Stud
374 Catch A Queen f. King Of Kings Catch Twenty Two E62 Greenhill Farm
384 Morethangreat f. Kahal Choice A90 Summerhill Sales – Property Of A Partnership
390 Private Game c. Kahal Collection Prive G41 Backworth Stud
394 Classic Red c. Kahal Coral Sunset E57 Greenhill Farm
397 10countess Of Ozz f. Mullins Bay Countess Of Ozz E43 Spring Valley Stud
398 Cousin Anne f. Kahal Cousin Linda A91 Summerhill Sales – Property Of A Partnership
399 Piper Arrow c. A.P. Arrow Cresent Star B129 Summerhill Sales – Property Of A Partnership
403 Buck Shot c. Carpocrates Crystal Clear C43 Middlefield Stud
405 Mr Mulliner c. Mullins Bay Dahlia’s Guest B130 Summerhill Sales – Property Of A Gentleman
406 Follow The Music f. Muhtafal Dancer’s Delight A92 Summerhill Sales – Property Of A Partnership
408 Dream Leader c. Kahal Dare To Dream C26 Aldora Stud
410 Elitest f. Mogok Dazzling Danzig F17 Scott Bros – Highdown Stud
411 Don Vito c. Stronghold Deceptive Charm A106 Summerhill Sales – Property Of A Partnership
413 10desdemona f. Kahal Desdemona G46 Rathmor Stud (agent)
415 Risky Rosco c. Atso Dolphin Beach C101 Clifton Stud (pty) Ltd
421 Yearofthedragon c. Kahal Electric Elegance A107 Summerhill Sales – Property Of A Partnership
422 Swedish King c. Miesque’s Approval Eleonora E9 Scott Bros – Highdown Stud
426 Exclusively c. Kahal Especially A99 Summerhill Sales – Property Of A Gentleman
430 10fancy Fantasy c. Kahal Fancy Fantasy E39 Spring Valley Stud
433 Fashion Frenzy f. Miesque’s Approval Fashion Fever F18 Scott Bros – Highdown Stud
434 Down Sir Down f. Count Dubois Feather Bed G34 Backworth Stud
437 Authorice c. Miesque’s Approval Ficticia F1 Scott Bros – Highdown Stud
441 Hillary f. Tiger Ridge First Choice C47 Yellow Star Stud
448 Nottingham Forest c. A.P. Arrow Florist Gump E34 Grooms Co-ops (c/o Bush Hill Stud)
456 Glogau f. Kahal Gallic Ring E32 Somerset Stud
461 Funeka f. A.P. Arrow Glitz A93 Summerhill Sales
463 Golden Knight c. Kahal Golden Miss E58 Greenhill Farm
464 10good Rapport c. Dynasty Good Rapport C68 Keivan Stud

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