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Summerhill Mare Sale: Buyers Card Application

Most of us associate bloodstock sales with broodmares and covering sires, but there’s another dimension to these events we too often forget, and that’s the concept of a strong  weanling offering that discovered its mojo when Summerhill hosted the national broodmare sales some two decades ago. Since then, they’ve dabbled with great success themselves in the purchase of young stock at similar venues abroad, where their intuitions have yielded a fist of national celebrities, no fewer than 14 (or 33%) of them earning their stripes in Black type company.
Of course, we all know the story of their “international” sales consignees, like Horse of the Year Igugu, but it’s worth recalling the names of Hollywoodboulevard, Blueridge Mountain, Rich Girl, Killua Castle, Dylan’s Promise, Ilitshe, Umgiyo, Rio Carnival, Newlands, Trafalgar Legacy, Grail Maiden, Ridethebreeze, Indaba My Children and His Affidavit as well.
It’s an incomparable record, and you’d have to say they’ve either been extraordinarily lucky or they certainly can “pick ‘em”. It’s where National Yearling selector, Kerry Jack first honed her talents, it’s where Tarryn Liebenberg came of age, and it’s where the Summerhill team developed the elusive art of not only seeing a “good ‘un” in the making, but in achieving the fulfilment of its underlying potential.
Speaking from the farm, Mick Goss assures us that he has been personally involved in the selection of the weanling entry. “We’ve bought weanlings in various parts of the world, and while you might argue that the shuttle sires in Australia provide a wide spectrum of choice, I have to say that you can’t beat this lot for value and we’re more than pleased with the individuals we’ll have on our sale come the middle of May. They’re as decent a bunch as I’ve seen here, and I’d be a disappointed man if there wasn’t a good sprinkling of proper racehorses among them”.
The big sale at Summerhill on Sunday 14th May looks like “opportunity” with a capital “O”. While it’s obviously the golden chance to grab a clutch of broodmare gems, history only has to repeat itself for the Summerhill offering of 80 weanlings to throw up some elite racehorses, and all it calls for is for buyers to plunge their hands into a “pipe” which has yielded more premierships than any other in modern history. The bonus is that the old adage “the early bird catches the worm” applies here, too. A timeous application for the three payment credit terms will put you in the box seat to get what you like, when you want it.
Please contact Amorette Maitre on info@summerhill.co.za to request a copy of the catalogue (download digital copy HERE), or Megan Romeyn on 033 263 1081 who will be able to assist with accommodation options in the area.
Please contact Tarryn Liebenberg (tarryn@summerhill.co.za) on 083 787 1982 or Leigh Adams (leigh@summerhill.co.za) on 082 860 2269 to arrange viewing from Thursday, 11th May.
Please e-mail info@summerhill.co.za or admin@livestockauctions.net to book your seat. Please RSVP for catering purposes.
Please find attached a buyer’s card application – kindly forward completed form to admin@livestockauctions.net.
Application Form at this link: Buyers Card Application

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