Gran Blanco Update

Gran Blanco Update

Rathmor Stud’s white colt Gran Blanco is now just over a month old and we have recieved an update from the farm owner Mike McHardy about the colt’s progress.

“Gran Blanco – as do all our foals – saw a farrier for the first time at 1 month old. The reason for this is firstly, if you have a slight turn in or out of the foot, remedial trimming can correct what might end up being a rather bad toeing in or out of any of its feet.

“The other reason is the sooner the foals become accustomed to having their feet picked up and the really strange sensation of a rasp on the hoof the better they are at a later stage. Gran Blanco is turning out to be a very relaxed, friendly foal and not much seems to worry him. As do all our foals he spent the first week in a stable at night and in a paddock during the day. He is now sleeping out and spending his day with all the other colts and at this stage there are 15 of them in total.

“We found a little more on his dam’s dam – named Perfick(NZ) – is a flea bitten grey that is nearly 50% chestnut. I have not seen her but that is surely where the genetics come from.”

To view the colt’s pedigree and more information and news about him click here.

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Gran Blanco

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