KZN Yearling Sales At Suncoast Casino

KZN Yearling Sales At Suncoast Casino
It was a beautiful morning at Suncoast Casino, and the first thing that gets to you as you arrive is the lovely warm smell of clean straw and the quiet nickers from the horses in the stables, with the grooms making the horses comfortable and quietly going about their business of feeding and grooming, and getting the yearlings prepared to look their best for the sale that starts on Thursday.

It was wonderful to watch the yearlings being walked by their grooms next to the promenade for the public to see, although some of the youngsters were more ‘exuberant’ then others – rearing and cavorting and giving some of their handlers a bit of hard time, clearly feeling the fresh sea air under their tails!

The decision to move the sale from Sibaya to Suncoast appears to be a very positive one, and has definitely achieved its goal of bringing the sale to the public, and the positive reaction from people when they come upon the horses on the promenade.

Vanessa Williams from Keivan stud was overheard being very complimentary of the venue chosen, and overall the feedback from the Vendors has been a very positive.

Mike McHardy of Rathmor Stud said, “The position of the sale is very good, however with the economy being the way it currently is, it is going to be a tight sale and the sellers are going to have to be careful with the reserves they set on their horses – they have to sell their horses here, as the 2 year old sale in November is already closed.”

Having a casual chat with a member of the TBA, he mentioned that this was the best place to be in South Africa at the moment in winter, and was most impressed with the setting: the Moses Mabhida Stadium as well as the Suncoast buildings and obviously a view of the sea, providing a beautiful backdrop.

The sale kicks off on Thursday over two days, beginning at 12pm.

KZN Yearling Sales – Yearlings catalogued from the KZN Breeders in order of Name, Gender, Sire and Dam, Hip number and Stable Block Number.

King Dan c. King Of Kings (IRE) Flirt With Dan 46 A40
Admiral Hub c. Malhub (USA) Admiral’s Secret 224 A41

Silver Spirit f. Silvano (GER) Careysville Spirit 1 B7
Phantom Ride f. Opera King (USA) Hunter’s Road (ZIM) 73 B8
Austray f. Spectrum (IRE) Paved In Gold 130 B9
Aowyn f. King Of Kings (IRE) Queen Of Kiwi (NZ) 143 B10
Road’s End c. Miesque’s Approval (USA) Via Vesta 207 B6

09jenikym c. Miesque’s Approval (USA) Jenikym 80 F13
09toofaah f. Joshua Dancer (USA) Toofaah 197 G11
09zest For Spice c. Miesque’s Approval (USA) Zest For Spice 221 F15

09dancing Falcon c. King Of Kings (IRE) Dancing Falcon (AUS) 23 F16
Principia f. Newton (IRE) Eastern Marque 36 G12
09indian Express c. King Of Kings (IRE) Indian Express 74 F17
09julietta c. King Of Kings (IRE) Julietta 82 G8
09smokester c. King Of Kings (IRE) Smokester 173 G9
King c. Malhub (USA) Thunder Rolls 196 F14
09victory Hill c. King Of Kings (IRE) Victory Hill (AUS) 209 G10
Lady Tatty f. Solskjaer (IRE) Voices Of Spring 213 G13

Breezy Charm c. Atso (USA) Celestial Charm 5 B1
Spectacularus f. Miesque’s Approval (USA) Collection Prive 12 B3
Jus Jazzin f. Miesque’s Approval (USA) Deer Dancer 28 B4
Dazzle f. Muhtafal (USA) Lady Electric (AUS) 92 B5
Luxardo c. Mogok (USA) Absolut Star 222 B2

Presentandcorrect c. Overlord (AUS) Countenance 15 G18
09harem Queen (AUS) f. Oratorio (IRE) Harem Queen (AUS) 70 G21
Up For Glory f. Overlord (AUS) Lodge Of Dreams (SNL) 105 G22
Weather Report f. Silvano (GER) Rain And Shine (FR) 145 G23
Run Softly c. Miesque’s Approval (USA) Royal Observer (AUS) 156 G19
Piano Man c. Mogok (USA) Voga Longa 212 G20

Cat Belle f. Atso (USA) Catipo (AUS) 4 A62
Mr Whatever c. Mogok (USA) Cool Gold 13 A56
Golblins Gold c. Newton (IRE) Dancing Dryad 22 A57
Abu Mashar f. Newton (IRE) Frost Free 53 A63
Bold Flash f. Newton (IRE) Gold Lass 59 A64
A P Amber f. Mon Sang (USA) Gunmetal Grey 66 A65
Dragon Tattoo f. Mon Sang (USA) Hell’s Fire 71 A66
Rockme Amadeus c. Requiem (AUS) Linney’s Light 103 A58
A P Strike c. Mon Sang (USA) Miss Andrea 114 A59
Dux f. Newton (IRE) Sheer Brilliance 165 A67
A P Snippets c. Mon Sang (USA) Snipof The Year (AUS) 174 A60
Night Club c. Carpocrates (USA) Social Club 176 A61
Runaway Ruby f. Mogok (USA) Splitsville 179 A68
Regal Storm f. King Of Kings (IRE) Storm Strike 181 A69
Dixie Flyer f. Mon Sang (USA) Tramway’s Strike 200 A70

Celtic Rose f. Miesque’s Approval (USA) Celtic Bunny 6 B38
Taffeta Rose f. Mogok (USA) Christine 10 B39
Told You So c. Mogok (USA) Do Be Dandy (ZIM) 30 B31
Dorando Pietri c. Carpocrates (USA) Florist Gump (ZIM) 48 B32
Blaze A Trail c. Bezrin (USA) Gem Fields 56 B33
Goldcard c. Atso (USA) Love Hurts 106 B34
Elegant Lass f. Requiem (AUS) Netzach 122 B40
09pedregal f. Sarge Pedregal 132 B41
Jungle Oats f. Lion Tamer Royal Luxury 155 B42
Greyfriar’s Bobby c. Modus Vivendi (GB) Spacious Skies 177 B35
Salute The Sun c. Newton (IRE) Sun Ellie 185 B36
Who’s The Boss f. Bezrin (USA) Terrestrial Rose (AUS) 194 B43
Kardashian Diva f. Atso (USA) Ambleside 228 B44
Bubbly Bellini f. Modus Vivendi (GB) Belmont Blue 237 B45
Sir Simon c. Miesque’s Approval (USA) Breezing On 246 B37

Flag Of France c. The Sheik Fields Of France 42 A26
Sugar And Shake c. Albarahin (USA) Forgive And Forget 51 A27
Meet At Meydan c. The Sheik Gather The Gold 54 A28
Delight The Dawn f. Albarahin (USA) Jem Says Ciao 79 A20
Plate Of Platinum c. Albarahin (USA) Jewel Of Jwaneng 81 A29
Make My Majesty c. The Sheik Mamzelle Magique 110 A30
Prove A Point c. Albarahin (USA) Peak Of Perfection 131 A31
King Of Kuwait c. King Of Kings (IRE) Piece Of Pietra 133 A32
Prove The Product f. Atso (USA) Pocket Of Pennies 134 A21
Gem Of Gemina f. Albarahin (USA) Power Attraction 135 A22
Way With Words f. Slew The Red (USA) Slew Per Singer 171 A23
Zest For Zeus c. Slew The Red (USA) Stately Belle (AUS) 180 A33
Sun Silk Star f. Atso (USA) Sun Sweet Star 186 A24
South For Success c. Slew The Red (USA) Western Coiture 215 A34
Murmur Of Moet c. Slew The Red (USA) Bit Of Bubbly 239 A35
Bye Bye Blues f. Slew The Red (USA) Bleu Millonaire 241 A25

Mr Mess c. Kahal (GB) Chaldee 7 B13
Happy Place f. Victory Moon Hello Dolly 72 B17
Drove All Night c. Miesque’s Approval (USA) Midnight Folly 113 B14
King O Dreams c. King Of Kings (IRE) Rapelle 146 B15
Perfect Place c. Caesour (USA) Rioter 149 B16
Wild Jewel f. Lion Tamer Secret Jewel 163 B18
September Rain f. Mogok (USA) April Showers 231 B19
Madam Arabia f. King Of Kings (IRE) Arabian Breeze 232 B20

So Sweet f. Carpocrates (USA) Casual Gal 2 A1
Andreas c. Lithuanian (AUS) Countess Andora 17 A10
Fiscardo c. Carpocrates (USA) Foreign Affair 50 A11
Mr Oshkosh c. Carpocrates (USA) Golden Appeal 62 A12
Gato Verde f. Carpocrates (USA) Jealous Jaguar 77 A2
Up The Oomph c. Carpocrates (USA) Kal Sufi 86 A13
Kentucky Doll f. Carpocrates (USA) Kentucky Cove 87 A3
Love Game f. Carpocrates (USA) Mandilli (ZIM) 111 A4
Cartesian f. Carpocrates (USA) Nouvelle 125 A5
San Andreas f. Carpocrates (USA) Sans Frontieres 159 A6
Sleek Greek f. Carpocrates (USA) Sleek Wine 170 A7
Expedition Leader c. Miesque’s Approval (USA)Travel With Me 201 A14
Might Vite f. Carpocrates (USA) Vitalite (BRZ) 211 A8
Oriental Illusion f. Carpocrates (USA) Western Romance 216 A9

Lady Megz f. Tiger Hunt (USA) Filigree Gold 43 F9
Lamentation f. Tiger Hunt (USA) Just Music (ZIM) 84 F10
Zara’s Legacy f. Tiger Hunt (USA) Miss Zara 115 F11
Field Cat f. Tiger Hunt (USA) Resolute Rose 148 F12

Slightly Silver f. King Of Kings (IRE) Countermand (ZIM) 16 B11

Power Beauty f. Ecomium (IRE) Dark Eyed Beauty 25 A42
Ha’ Penny f. Woodborough (USA) Intrinsic Lady 75 A43
Stolen Profit c. Caesour (USA) Lady Gallanta 93 A51
Lil Miss Woodie f. Woodborough (USA) Lil Blue Ridinhood 101 A44
Captain Marvellous c. Mullins Bay (GB) Lizabella (GB) 104 A52
Times Square c. Malhub (USA) Praise 136 A53
09purple Plume f. King Of Kings (IRE) Purple Plume 140 A45
Sante Fe f. Ecomium (IRE) Royal Edge 153 A46
Acacia f. Woodborough (USA) Wonder West 220 A47
Mal Ding c. Malhub (USA) Arnold’s Choice 234 A54
Miss Honey Buns f. Malhub (USA) Bejewelled Beauty 236 A48
Ypres f. Spectrum (IRE) Champ D’or 9 A49
Sasoon c. Kahal (GB) Desdemona 29 A55
Ascot Charm f. King Of Kings (IRE) Ascot Jewel 235 A50

Nips Nugget f. Overlord (AUS) Nip Of Gold 124 A36
Ninja Warrior c. Captain Al Silver Special 168 A38
Biscotti f. Spectrum (IRE) Smart Cookie 172 A37
Father Ted c. Requiem (AUS) Tambura 191 A39

Lady Cozzene f. Overlord (AUS) Cozzenes Princess 18 F1
Wild One c. Mogok (USA) Endangered Species 39 F7
Tempered Steel c. Atso (USA) Hard Scene 69 F8
That So Atso f. Atso (USA) Jump Ahead 83 F2
La Miesque c. Miesque’s Approval (USA) La Favorite 90 E16
Approbation c. Miesque’s Approval (USA) Lady Moderation 95 E17
Centre Back c. Mogok (USA) Left Back 98 E18
Very Attractive f. Atso (USA) Major Distraction 109 F3
Royal Stock c. Atso (USA) Queen Of Aus (AUS) 142 E19
Caution Me Lord c. Overlord (AUS) Sarah Beware 160 E20
Atsonic c. Atso (USA) Sweet Sorbet 189 E21
Lead By Approval c. Miesque’s Approval (USA) Take The Lead 190 E22
Astronomical c. Overlord (AUS) Tellittothestars 193 E23
Jewel Of Burma f. Mogok (USA) Top Fov 198 F4
Torch Queen f. King Of Kings (IRE) Acetylene 223 F5
Blue Lord c. Overlord (AUS) Blue Lavender 242 E24
With Her Approval f. Miesque’s Approval (USA) Brave Majesty 244 F6

Willing f. King Of Kings (IRE) Dame Patricia (FR) 20 B46
Diavik c. Pissaro (GB) Deco Diamond 27 B50
Break Of Dawn f. Miesque’s Approval (USA) Eladawn (IRE) 37 B47
Gold Approval c. Miesque’s Approval (USA) Gold Style 60 B51
Kyushu f. Mullins Bay (GB) Missing Home 116 B48
Dreamed A Dream f. Pissaro (GB) Nagoya 120 B49
Peslier c. Pissaro (GB) Pursuit Of Honour 141 B52
Croke Park c. Mullins Bay (GB) Striesand 183 B53

Bella Blue f. King Of Kings (IRE) Almost Blue 226 B54

Cadillac Baby f. Woodborough (USA) Dynamite Model 34 G1
I Cherish You f. King Of Kings (IRE) Gleaming Sovereign 57 G2
Dirtydealin Mamma f. Miesque’s Approval (USA) Gracious Guest 64 G3
This Horse c. Requiem (AUS) Hall-light (ZIM) 67 F19
Beretti c. Requiem (AUS) Lady Castlemaine 91 F20
Got It Bad c. Albarahin (USA) Luna Perfumada (ARG) 108 F21
Nangoke c. Modus Vivendi (GB) Ndola 121 F22
Shahdokht f. King Of Kings (IRE) Protique 139 G4

09emblem Kid f. Lion Tamer Emblem Kid 38 G5
Strong Money c. Stronghold (GB) Grima 65 F23
Queens Home f. King Of Kings (IRE) Safely Home (ZIM) 157 G6
09savvy Lady f. Lion Tamer Savvy Lady 161 G7
Drum Girl f. King Of Kings (IRE) Teal For Shenalle 192 F18
09waving Winny c. Lion Tamer Waving Winny 214 F24

09classic Concerto f. Miesque’s Approval (USA) Classic Concerto (NZ) 11 B21
09flaming Thatch c. King Of Kings (IRE) Flaming Thatch 45 B25
Preamble f. Miesque’s Approval (USA) Speedy Eli 178 B22
Rush Of Light c. Windrush (USA) Wheresthelight 218 B26

09downtown Street c. Kahal (GB) Downtown Street 32 B27
09glide f. King Of Kings (IRE) Glide 58 B23
09killala Bay c. Lion Tamer Killala Bay 88 B28
Orchestrator c. Ravishing Life Begins 100 B29
09royal Gait c. King Of Kings (IRE) Royal Gait 154 B30
09secret Destiny f. Sarge Secret Destiny 162 B24

Double K c. King Of Kings (IRE) Double T 31 B56
Good Looker c. Muhtafal (USA) Mntwana 117 B57
Sightseer f. Kahal (GB) Summer Guest 184 B55
So You Think c. Kahal (GB) Thandiwe 195 B58
Team Barbados c. Mullins Bay (GB) Amabokoboko 227 B59
Tombeagh c. Muhtafal (USA) Ardara 233 B60

Pretty Cute f. Modus Vivendi (GB) Chamber Secret 8 A15
Big Cat Hunt c. Tiger Hunt (USA) Le Ciel Leopard 97 A18

Justa Diva f. Modus Vivendi (GB) Justamossa 85 A16
Lilly’s Rush f. Modern Day (USA) Lilly Pilly (USA) 102 A17
Regal Legent c. King Of Kings (IRE) Never Ending Story 123 A19

Similarity f. Miesque’s Approval (USA) Duplicate 33 E1
Nkwazi c. Bezrin (USA) Flying Minstral 49 D15
Gauntlet f. Cataloochee Fort Victoria 52 E2
Copper Gaia f. Carpocrates (USA) Gay Titian 55 E3
Mr Patman c. Victory Moon La Boutique 89 D16
Placido c. Miesque’s Approval (USA) Lady Gray 94 D17
Pearly King c. Miesque’s Approval (USA) Royal Centenary 152 D18
Pretty Candy f. Ravishing Sand Trap 158 E4
Splendour f. Solskjaer (IRE) Valley View 206 E5
Waterloo Bay c. Miesque’s Approval (USA) Victoria Bay 208 D19
Stamford Bridge f. Solskjaer (IRE) Willow Park 219 E6
09angel Bay f. Bezrin (USA) Angel Bay 229 E7
Jacobus Maximus c. Mogok (USA) Angel In Heaven 230 D20
Coy Boy c. Bezrin (USA) Blushed 243 D21

Katchya f. Bezrin (USA) Catherinethegreat 3 E8
Victory Cruise c. Victory Moon Cruise Line 19 D22
Kapono c. Bezrin (USA) Dancing Barbie 21 D23
Date Knight c. Modus Vivendi (GB) Date With Me 26 D24
Mvovu c. Bezrin (USA) Feel The Magic 40 E13
09happy Mondays f. Bezrin (USA) Happy Mondays (USA) 68 E9
09medica f. Second Empire (IRE) Medica 112 E10
Golden Pyramid f. King Of Kings (IRE) Onlytimewilltell 127 E11
09silk Wind c. Eyeofthetiger (BRZ) Silk Wind 167 E14
09until f. Second Empire (IRE) Until (GB) 203 E12
09up And Blooming c. Modus Vivendi (GB) Up And Blooming 204 E15
Lago f. Lake Coniston (IRE) Breeze Past 245 D13
09brown Linnet f. Second Empire (IRE) Brown Linnet (IRE) 247 D14

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