Emperors Palace National Yearling Sale Entries – Registered ‘KZN-Breds’

Emperors Palace National Yearling Sale Entries – Registered ‘KZN-Breds’

The following yearlings in black font are registered as ‘KZN-breds’ – with the KZN Breeders Premium Scheme.

The incentives for prospective owners of purchasing a KZN-bred include:

– Entry to the KZN Breeders Race Day, restricted exclusively for ‘KZN-breds’
– A single juvenile race for a stake of R200 000
– Six other races for a stake of R200 000 each, over distances of 1200m, 1600m and 1900m for male and female horses, three years old and up
– The KZN Breeders Million Mile for 3 & 4yo’s with an appropriate merit rating

All KZN-breds will be easily identifiable at the National Yearling Sales with ‘KZN-bred’ hip-stickers and posters on each door.

KZN-Bred Registered Yearlings For The Emperors Palace National Yearling Sales 2014
Lot Name Sex Sire Dam Stable Vendor
165 Jollerie f. Judpot Angel Bells G37 Backworth Stud
192 Ice Run c. Western Winter Blue Lace Agate G34 Backworth Stud
406 Scandal f. Muhtafal Lewinsky’s Lover G36 Backworth Stud
258 12datemedo c. Muhtafal Datemedo A11 Barton Hall Stud
529 Quattro c. Judpot Quatrain A10 Barton Hall Stud (as Agent)
483 So Swift c. A.P. Arrow Noble Vixen A70 Bellwood Stud
486 Young Lass f. Kahal Norse Woman A69 Bellwood Stud
154 Monte Christo c. Trippi Acquavella E75 Burwell Stud
426 Trading Profit c. Toreador Mantaray Bay E76 Burwell Stud
78 12stella Mia f. Kahal Stella Mia C71 Bush Hill Stud
205 12captain’s Gem c. Mogok Captain’s Gem C69 Bush Hill Stud
235 12cool Gold f. Mogok Cool Gold C72 Bush Hill Stud
240 12count The Carats c. King’s Chapel Count The Carats C68 Bush Hill Stud
275 12elation f. Mogok Elation C73 Bush Hill Stud
372 12kahzima f. A.P. Arrow Kahzima C74 Bush Hill Stud
399 12lee Danzig c. King’s Chapel Lee Danzig C67 Bush Hill Stud
412 12look Sharp c. Kahal Look Sharp C66 Bush Hill Stud
421 12magical Jenna f. King’s Chapel Magical Jenna C75 Bush Hill Stud
432 12meezah c. Mullins Bay Meezah C65 Bush Hill Stud
439 12milla c. Ideal World Milla C64 Bush Hill Stud
516 12plutonium c. Trippi Plutonium C63 Bush Hill Stud
122 Gemsgalore f. Mogok True Lily E37 Clifton Stud (pty) Ltd
132 Fashion Talk f. A.P. Answer Vogue E38 Clifton Stud (pty) Ltd
190 Yestogold c. A.P. Answer Bling Dancer E45 Clifton Stud (pty) Ltd
265 Distant Echo f. A.P. Answer Divine Heights E39 Clifton Stud (pty) Ltd
266 Madonna’s Answer c. A.P. Answer Divine Madonna E35 Clifton Stud (pty) Ltd
268 Callofsummer f. A.P. Answer Dolphin Beach E40 Clifton Stud (pty) Ltd
322 Ruby Glen f. Mogok Glenrossal E41 Clifton Stud (pty) Ltd
324 Caroline’s Call f. A.P. Answer Golden Dancer E42 Clifton Stud (pty) Ltd
373 Tripinthemist f. Trippi Kali Mist E43 Clifton Stud (pty) Ltd
13 Brave Roman c. Brave Tin Soldier Romantic Drama E34 Clifton Stud (pty) Ltd (agent)
134 The Witness c. Mogok Wakefield Express E33 Clifton Stud (pty) Ltd (agent)
474 Powder Keg c. Kahal National Display E32 Clifton Stud (pty) Ltd (agent)
101 12tara’s Queen f. Kahal Tara’s Queen E55 Greenhill Farm
236 12coral Sunset c. Kahal Coral Sunset E58 Greenhill Farm
491 12once In A While f. Kahal Once In A While E56 Greenhill Farm
23 Khonza f. Kahal Salaam A56 Kjell Foundation
158 Kanonkop c. Kahal Al Vino A58 Kjell Foundation
344 Koncealed c. Kahal Highlyconfidential A59 Kjell Foundation
472 Catnip c. Mogok Natasha’s Pride A60 Kjell Foundation
526 Call Back c. A.P. Answer Protea A61 Kjell Foundation
25 Rolling Sands f. National Emblem Sans Frontieres C36 Middlefield Stud
53 12silver Splash c. Mogok Silver Splash C33 Middlefield Stud
111 Var Du Bois c. Var Tippuana C32 Middlefield Stud
156 Schachar c. Kahal African Dawn C31 Middlefield Stud
219 Dixie Express f. Jay Peg Chatanooga Chuchu C35 Middlefield Stud
247 Kununata c. Kahal Crystal Clear C30 Middlefield Stud
109 Timeous f. Var Time And Tide G47 Rathmor Stud
333 Romany Prince c. Kahal Gypsy Queen G43 Rathmor Stud
356 Rush In c. Windrush In A While G44 Rathmor Stud
513 Caprivi c. Mogok Pinaster G45 Rathmor Stud
22 The Duck c. A.P. Answer Run Angel Run G46 Rathmor Stud (agent)
1 Incadescence c. Just As Well Rain And Shine E71 Roski Stud – G.J. Royden-turner
3 Marciano c. Toreador Rambo’s Love E70 Roski Stud – G.J. Royden-turner
11 12rocky Beach c. Just As Well Rocky Beach E69 Roski Stud – G.J. Royden-turner
52 Silver Kavalier c. Kahal Silver Special E68 Roski Stud – G.J. Royden-turner
131 Vogadonna f. Dynasty Voga Longa E73 Roski Stud – G.J. Royden-turner
337 Sailor Jerry c. Argonaut Harbour Light E67 Roski Stud – G.J. Royden-turner
418 Jullidar c. Just As Well Lydara E66 Roski Stud – G.J. Royden-turner
507 Arctic Chill c. Western Winter Personal Call E65 Roski Stud – G.J. Royden-turner
48 Bally Swiss f. Mogok Shoe Queen E1 Scott Bros  –  Highdown Stud
136 North Westerley f. Miesque’s Approval West West E2 Scott Bros  –  Highdown Stud
143 Hypothermic c. Mogok Winter Ade F1 Scott Bros  –  Highdown Stud
169 Red Apache c. Miesque’s Approval Apache Rose F2 Scott Bros  –  Highdown Stud
202 Sweet Turn c. Miesque’s Approval Candy Tuft F3 Scott Bros  –  Highdown Stud
207 Expressa f. Mogok Carta Expresa E3 Scott Bros  –  Highdown Stud
245 Cozzenes Prince c. Mogok Cozzenes Princess F4 Scott Bros  –  Highdown Stud
253 Spiritos f. Mogok Dance For Joy E4 Scott Bros  –  Highdown Stud
269 Beach Cottage f. Mogok Dolphin Coast E5 Scott Bros  –  Highdown Stud
280 Wild Encounter f. Miesque’s Approval Endangered Species E6 Scott Bros  –  Highdown Stud
286 Wild Factor f. Mogok Extraordinary E7 Scott Bros  –  Highdown Stud
393 Gold Shades f. Mogok Lanterns Of Gold E8 Scott Bros  –  Highdown Stud
423 Majestic Legacy c. Miesque’s Approval Majestic Legend F5 Scott Bros  –  Highdown Stud
431 Rhumba Magic c. King’s Chapel Meadow Rhumba F6 Scott Bros  –  Highdown Stud
436 Rich And Dark f. Mogok Midnight Ale E9 Scott Bros  –  Highdown Stud
17 Diamontaire c. Visionaire Royal Canton C53 Somerset Stud
376 Count Your Luck f. Count Dubois Khorkina C56 Somerset Stud
514 Colmant c. Kahal Platinum Ice C54 Somerset Stud
51 Fantasy Lady f. Kahal Silver Fantasy B74 Spring Valley Stud
243 Eye The Countess f. Visionaire Countess Of Ozz B75 Spring Valley Stud
301 Well In Flight f. Just As Well Flight Prospect B76 Spring Valley Stud
502 Can’t Resist f. Kahal Passive Resistance B77 Spring Valley Stud
519 Just Positive c. Just As Well Positive Thoughts B72 Spring Valley Stud
75 12star Role f. Kahal Star Role C76 Spring Valley Stud (agent)
164 12amy Jane f. Bankable Amy Jane C77 Spring Valley Stud (agent)
416 A P Ikhaja f. A.P. Answer Lower House C78 Spring Valley Stud (agent)
434 Qahira f. Visionaire Mentalite C79 Spring Valley Stud (agent)
50 Lemon Lily f. Seventh Rock Sierra Lily C57 St Helier Stud
126 Velvet Wind f. Windrush Velvet Mover C58 St Helier Stud
332 Jahunda c. Tiger Ridge Gwanda C61 St Helier Stud
430 Sylvianna f. Silvano Maximum Break C59 St Helier Stud
12 Commodus c. Visionaire Roman Dream D1 Summerhill Sales
15 12rosella c. Kahal Rosella D2 Summerhill Sales
24 12salishan c. Brave Tin Soldier Salishan D3 Summerhill Sales
56 Sadler’s Lass f. Fort Wood Smart Lass A99 Summerhill Sales
71 12spring Garland f. Visionaire Spring Garland A100 Summerhill Sales
76 12starwood f. Kahal Starwood A98 Summerhill Sales
86 12success Counts c. Visionaire Success Counts D4 Summerhill Sales
89 At Long Last c. Visionaire Summersault D5 Summerhill Sales
107 12theres The Light f. Silvano Theres The Light A97 Summerhill Sales
108 12tialata c. Visionaire Tialata D6 Summerhill Sales
119 12tribute f. Muhtafal Tribute A96 Summerhill Sales
120 12tristram’s Frolic c. Kahal Tristram’s Frolic D7 Summerhill Sales
129 12victory Garden c. Visionaire Victory Garden D8 Summerhill Sales
140 12white Mischief f. Var White Mischief A95 Summerhill Sales
209 12catch Me f. Visionaire Catch Me A94 Summerhill Sales
230 12coastal Waltz f. Visionaire Coastal Waltz A89 Summerhill Sales
254 Dance On Air c. Kahal Dancer’s Delight D9 Summerhill Sales
255 Janie Barlow f. Kahal Dancing Lady A90 Summerhill Sales
259 Double Vision c. Visionaire Deal A Double D10 Summerhill Sales
260 12deceptive Charm f. Kahal Deceptive Charm A91 Summerhill Sales
299 12fisani f. Trippi Fisani A92 Summerhill Sales
304 12flying Celebrity f. Exceed And Excel Flying Celebrity A93 Summerhill Sales
306 12footsteps c. Visionaire Footsteps D11 Summerhill Sales
312 12four Ladies Wild c. Bankable Four Ladies Wild D12 Summerhill Sales
317 12garnet f. Brave Tin Soldier Garnet A88 Summerhill Sales
325 Avail c. Visionaire Grail Maiden D13 Summerhill Sales
334 Ebony Knight c. Kahal Haifaa D14 Summerhill Sales
338 12harem’s Secret c. Bankable Harem’s Secret D15 Summerhill Sales
345 Lala f. Visionaire Hlabelela A87 Summerhill Sales
347 Township Talk c. Brave Tin Soldier Hot Reception D16 Summerhill Sales
362 12ithala c. Kahal Ithala D17 Summerhill Sales
366 12jet Park c. Visionaire Jet Park B130 Summerhill Sales
400 Pure Blonde c. Kahal Legally Blonde B129 Summerhill Sales
402 12let The Music Play f. Brave Tin Soldier Let The Music Play A86 Summerhill Sales
437 Mighty Kahal f. Kahal Mighty Nation A85 Summerhill Sales
478 Lokshina c. Bankable National Woods B128 Summerhill Sales
484 12nontanda f. Silvano Nontanda A84 Summerhill Sales
499 Revelation c. Visionaire Particular Passion A107 Summerhill Sales
508 12personify c. Muhtafal Personify A106 Summerhill Sales
520 12precedent f. Brave Tin Soldier Precedent A83 Summerhill Sales

Information courtesy tba.co.za

Images Candiese Marnewick/Gold Circle. Design: Xpressions

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