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The Apache: Passing On Superior Genetics

The Apache. Image: Candiese Marnewick
The Apache. Image: Candiese Marnewick

The Apache has outstanding genetic tests and the test results are explained by Plusvital below. All the original results are available on request – please message us for more info.

“The Apache has been categorised as a C:T (Middle Distance type) by the Plusvital Speed Gene Test, which predicts optimum race distance and precocity potential by categorising horses as one of three genetic types.

C:T horses, like The Apache, are the most versatile genetic type. They are likely to perform well over shorter distances (7f to 8f/1,400m to 1,600m) as two year olds and then progress to run over middle distances (8f to 12f/1,600m to 2,400m) as three-year-olds and older. C:T horses are capable of producing all three genetic types of horse (Sprint/Mile types, Middle Distance types or Staying types).

The Apache has also been assigned a rating of 1 for both Genomic Racing Value (GRV) and Genomic Breeding Value (GBV) as categorised by Plusvital’s Elite Performance Test, which analyses over 50,000 genetic markers within a horse and assigns a score between 1 and 4 based on their genetic potential to achieve elite racing and breeding performance.

Horses like The Apache, with a GRV score of 1, have the greatest genetic potential to become an elite racehorse and are 5.4 times more likely to achieve this than horses assigned a lower GRV score of 4.

Similarly, horses with a GBV of 1 have the highest genetic probability of producing elite racehorses and passing on favourable genetic variants to their offspring, when compared with other horses assigned a lower score.”

With his results to date of 36% winners to runners, coupled with his own outstanding performance on the track, his genetic tests are proving to be very accurate.

Contact us should you be interested in his services for 2018.

The Apache crosses the line first in the Gr1 Arlington Million, bred by Scott Bros - female line is five generations from Scott Bros.
The Apache crosses the line first in the Gr1 Arlington Million, trained by Mike De Kock. 

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