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Why breed in Kwa-Zulu Natal?

Ask any stockmen worth his salt and he’ll tell you that the valleys of KwaZulu-Natal carry some of the most generous and productive soils on the planet. Coupled with one of the most reliable rainfalls anywhere, a marvellously congenial climate, a population of some of the world’s best horsemen, the Zulus, and a location in close proximity not only to Africa’s Racing Capital, but also convenient to the principal sales venues in the country, and you have the ingredients for the perfect storm.

However, some twenty years ago the KwaZulu-Natal Breeding community had the foresight with racing’s upper guardians, to institute a far-sighted programme aimed at the betterment of the breed and the encouragement of breeding in the province in the form of the KZN Breeder Premium Scheme. This programme rewards breeders and stallion owners for their efforts in producing quality stock and was one of the principal attractions behind the arrival of the outstanding stallions, Northern Guest, Foveros, Secret Prospector and Rakeen in the nineties.

Suncoast KZN Yearling Sale 2012. Image: Candiese Marnewick

In much the same era the Rulers of Dubai, the Maktoum family, uniquely chose this region, of all the regions in the world, to manifest a home-away-from-home for their horses, now numbering in excess of 100 in the province. If ever an endorsement was needed for the riches the region promises, this must be as empathic as any, coming as does from history’s biggest investors in bloodstock.

The KZN Breeder Premium Scheme stands alone in South Africa as a singular inducement to breeders to invest in the quality production of racehorses in this region, and while that may be something of a lament for horsemen elsewhere and an issue which remains to be addressed at a national level it is still exactly that; the only breeders premium scheme in South Africa.

Many local and international clientele who patronize KwaZulu-Natal’s farms with their stock or who have made investments in the real estate of the region themselves, have done so on account of this programme, and all the remarkable achievements of progeny produced in KZN are a compliment to the programme.

For a horse to be considered “KZN-bred” the yearling must be registered with the KZN Breeders Premium Scheme. A yearling born in KZN, and/or by a KZN resident sire is not considered a “KZN-bred” unless the horse is registered with the KZN Breeders Premium Scheme – subject to certain rules applying. For enquiries if your horse is a “KZN-bred” or if you would like to register your yearlings, please contact Candiese for confirmation.

KZN Breeders Triple Million Challenge

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Information downloads:

  • Download Rules (PDF)
  • Registration Forms (PDF)
  • KZN Breeders Million Mile Race Day 2013 Press Release
  • Triple Million Challenge (PDF)
  • KZN-bred 2012 Qualifying Sale Graduates (PDF)
  • KZN-bred Emperor’s Palace National Yearling Sale 2013 Qualifying Sale Graduates (PDF)

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