#kznbreds At The KZN Yearling Sale 2018

The last foal out of Gypsy Queen is on offer by Rathmor Stud at the KZN Yearling Sale. The Noble Tune filly is a half-sister to Gr1 SA and USA winner Gypsy's Warning (pictured), Surabi and Romany Prince.
The last foal out of Gypsy Queen is on offer by Rathmor Stud at the KZN Yearling Sale. The Noble Tune filly is a half-sister to Gr1 SA and USA winner Gypsy’s Warning (pictured), Surabi and Romany Prince.

A list of the #kznbreds registered with the KZN Breeders Premium Scheme can be found below. 142 Yearlings from the province of KZN will be represented at Sibaya the week before the running of the Vodacom Durban July, with the auction days scheduled for 5 and 6 July.

There are outstanding Lots on offer, and this particular sale has seen the likes of #kznbred Gr1 winners Wild One and Seal as past graduates – not forgetting the plethora of Graded Stakes winner yielded, including Virgo’s Babe (Gr2), Colour Of Courage (Gr2), Royal Pleasure (Gr3), Carlita and Alfeo, the latter more recently consigned by Piemonte Stud (SW).

The hip stickers that will be used at the KZN Yearling Sale to identify #kznbreds, on stable doors and hip stickers during the auction.
The hip stickers that will be used at the KZN Yearling Sale to identify #kznbreds, on stable doors and hip stickers during the auction.

Leading up to the KZN Yearling Sale of course is the KZN Breeders Race Day on 30 June, where over R100 000 in vouchers stand to be won by the winning and placed connections on the day exclusively dedicated to #kznbreds, in addition to the winning stakes of over R2,6-million on the day.

The vouchers can be redeemed against a #kznbred yearling at the KZN Yearling Sale. Its a fantastic race day to attend with giveaways and prizes to the racegoers, including tickets to the Vodacom Durban July whilst the Durban View Room is bustling with the breeders, owners and trainers of horses racing on the day, all dressed in black and white.

Another added incentive for buyers is the KZN Yearling Sale Million, which runs on Vodacom Durban July Day for the graduates of the previous sale year – this is open to all graduates of the 2017 KZN Yearling Sale (if the connections ticked the box at signing for the yearling).

In addition to these great incentives, BSA has added the very popular R50 000 Added Value Bonus for winners of their Maiden Juvenile Plate.

Yearlings on offer from KZN include the inform Crusade, Noble Tune and Just As Well amongst many others, with siblings to the likes of Gr1 USA and SA winner Gypsy’s Warning, Gr2 placed Celestina, multiple Stakes Winner Raise The Bar, multiple Graded Stakes Placed Cassie O’ Malley, Black Wing and Listed Winner Furious Dancer.

KZN Yearling Sale Million Race logo

KZN, a province that produces one fifth of the countries racing stock, has produced two Gr1 winners this season with Takingthepeace and Hero’s Honour (both bred by Summerhill) along with Graded Stakes winners Carlita, Alfeo, The Thinker, Covered In Snow, Ronnie’s Candy, Butchie Boy, Just Cruised In, Champagne Haze, Dawn Assault and Knuckleball.

See the yearlings on offer from the KZN farms below. Horses registered with the KZN Breeders Premium Scheme, who qualify to run in the KZN Breeders Race Day in 2019 will have #kznbred posters and hip stickers during the sale.

*Please note that the horses in BOLD are NOT eligible for the KZN Breeders Race Day or sales vouchers, as they are not registered in terms of the rules of the KZN Breeders Premium Scheme.

Lot Name Sex Sire Dam Stable Vendor
22 Someone To Love c. Jackson Sealed By Love E1 Bush Hill Stud
28 Blow Me Down c. Toreador She-var E2 Bush Hill Stud
34 Blanket Of Snow f. Jackson Snow Angel D42 Bush Hill Stud
83 Royal Salute f. Capetown Noir Women’s Rights D41 Bush Hill Stud
100 Laidback Jack c. Just As Well At Ease E3 Bush Hill Stud
134 16crest Of Pearls f. Seventh Rock Crest Of Pearls D40 Bush Hill Stud
162 Who’llstoptherain f. Soft Falling Rain Final Score D39 Bush Hill Stud
176 16gemstone Glamour c. Ideal World Gemstone Glamour E4 Bush Hill Stud
206 Muleta f. Crusade Jellaba D38 Bush Hill Stud
209 Sasskia f. Master Of My Fate Jewel Coast D37 Bush Hill Stud
215 Emerald Diamond f. Curved Ball Kenmare House D36 Bush Hill Stud
218 Eppagilia c. Redoute’s Promise Koukla E5 Bush Hill Stud
231 16lion Queen f. Toreador Lion Queen D35 Bush Hill Stud
233 Noble Gift f. Judpot Maeve D34 Bush Hill Stud
240 Miss Charlotte f. Irish Flame Miss Andrea D33 Bush Hill Stud
264 Celtic Cat f. Irish Flame Penthouse Mouse E7 Bush Hill Stud
157 Aalsmeer f. Flower Alley Fair Rosalind E6 Bush Hill Stud (agent)
20 Empress Josephine f. Crusade Sapphire Ring B29 Clifton Stud Cc
41 Vision To Glory c. Visionaire Star Silvano C9 Clifton Stud Cc
59 Soiree f. Capetown Noir True Lily B30 Clifton Stud Cc
132 Witzenberg f. Visionaire Countess Kinsky B31 Clifton Stud Cc
153 Emerald Flame c. Irish Flame Emerald Crown C8 Clifton Stud Cc
213 Burmese Ruby c. Mogok Just Jettin’ Along C7 Clifton Stud Cc
257 Scarborough Fair f. Capetown Noir Olympic Affair C13 Clifton Stud Cc
199 16irish Fairy f. Noordhoek Flyer Irish Fairy C12 Clifton Stud Cc (agent)
224 16lady L f. Greys Inn Lady L C11 Clifton Stud Cc (agent)
7 The Loadmaster c. Flower Alley Revoltee B20 Hadlow Stud
56 Lakota f. Crusade Touch The Clouds C19 Hadlow Stud
71 Matadora’s Parade f. Toreador Welsh Parade C18 Hadlow Stud
127 Justadoreher f. Just As Well Cleodora C17 Hadlow Stud
140 Delightfilly f. Linngari Daily Delight C16 Hadlow Stud
141 Aintree c. Great Britain Daintree Dancer B21 Hadlow Stud
167 Birdwatcher f. Visionaire Floating Feather C15 Hadlow Stud
272 Untarnished f. Toreador Platinum Lass C14 Hadlow Stud
9 Dinetto c. What A Winter Rocky Beach A1 Piemonte Stud
15 Ninotto c. Toreador Rush To Stardom A2 Piemonte Stud
17 Christofano c. Toreador Sacred Call A3 Piemonte Stud
18 Orlanda f. Vercingetorix Sammy Jo A11 Piemonte Stud
44 Brunilda f. Capetown Noir Sully’s Landing A12 Piemonte Stud
50 Pierina f. Soft Falling Rain Tapdance A13 Piemonte Stud
96 Capricia f. Crusade Arctic Bear A14 Piemonte Stud
103 Brandina f. Capetown Noir Bedouin A15 Piemonte Stud
105 Andrea c. Crusade Bethpage A4 Piemonte Stud
125 Cincia f. Bold Silvano Ciao Caro A16 Piemonte Stud
128 Crocetta f. Ideal World Cobblers Reef A17 Piemonte Stud
143 Dominica f. Vercingetorix Darrie A18 Piemonte Stud
154 Armo c. Ideal World Enchanted A5 Piemonte Stud
155 Teofilia c. Irish Flame Ever Peron A6 Piemonte Stud
165 Edmonda f. Crusade Fleeting Kiss A19 Piemonte Stud
197 Elda f. Wylie Hall Infinite Wisdom A20 Piemonte Stud
200 Aberto c. Var Irish Heroine A7 Piemonte Stud
225 Elisabetta f. Byword Lady Silvia A21 Piemonte Stud
227 Lucio c. Master Of My Fate Laura’s Gift A8 Piemonte Stud
246 Eugenio c. Capetown Noir Moving On Up A9 Piemonte Stud
268 Benino c. Capetown Noir Picturesque A10 Piemonte Stud
13 16royal Gait f. Noble Tune Royal Gait A22 Rathmor Stud
35 Sigma Alpha f. Noble Tune Sorority A23 Rathmor Stud
45 Rise f. Noble Tune Summer To Remember A24 Rathmor Stud
88 Cryptic Song f. Noble Tune Admiral’s Eye A25 Rathmor Stud
101 Uptown Funk c. Noble Tune Azure Sky B19 Rathmor Stud
108 Itunesyou f. Noble Tune Blaze Of Respect A26 Rathmor Stud
172 Noble Freedom f. Noble Tune Free Parking A27 Rathmor Stud
184 Gypsy Rose f. Noble Tune Gypsy Queen A28 Rathmor Stud
194 Teenage Kicks c. Noble Tune In A While B18 Rathmor Stud
202 Fall Out Boy c. Noble Tune Irresistible B17 Rathmor Stud
211 Girl From Ipanema f. Noble Tune Jumeirah Beach A29 Rathmor Stud
255 Bright Outlook f. Visionaire November Sky A30 Rathmor Stud
265 Watchword f. Byword Perakeen A31 Rathmor Stud
267 Noble Rhythm f. Noble Tune Phonetic A32 Rathmor Stud
31 Caribbean Night c. Warm White Night Silver Lace B16 Rathmor Stud (agent)
48 16suzie f. Linngari Suzie B13 Rathmor Stud (agent)
58 16tropical Snow c. Linngari Tropical Snow B15 Rathmor Stud (agent)
72 16west Coast Way f. Linngari West Coast Way B12 Rathmor Stud (agent)
80 16winter Wish f. Linngari Winter Wish B11 Rathmor Stud (agent)
107 Into The Future c. Visionaire Blacklisted B14 Rathmor Stud (agent)
180 16glittering Temple f. Eightfold Path Glittering Temple B10 Rathmor Stud (agent)
241 Noble Diana f. Noble Tune Miss Diana B9 Rathmor Stud (agent)
94 Flaming Lass f. Irish Flame Antonia’s Lass C24 Roski Stud
102 Courage To Conquer c. Duke Of Marmalade Bay Princess C25 Roski Stud
235 Boom Street f. Captain Of All Maritzburg C23 Roski Stud
23 Wave c. Mogok Seaview D11 Scott Bros – Highdown Stud
40 16star Role c. Eightfold Path Star Role D12 Scott Bros – Highdown Stud
46 Sonetlumiere c. Miesque’s Approval Sunshine Ruby D13 Scott Bros – Highdown Stud
57 Barricade c. Redoute’s Promise Toyshop D14 Scott Bros – Highdown Stud
78 Wheelspin f. Crusade Winning Spin D1 Scott Bros – Highdown Stud
87 Marcellin c. Mogok Acetylene D15 Scott Bros – Highdown Stud
111 Candle Cove c. Eightfold Path Candelada D16 Scott Bros – Highdown Stud
112 Sweet Spot f. Crusade Candy Tuft D2 Scott Bros – Highdown Stud
115 Mouille Point f. Crusade Cape Sunset D3 Scott Bros – Highdown Stud
118 Teichman c. Eightfold Path Carta Expresa D17 Scott Bros – Highdown Stud
151 Trial Run c. Linngari Dummy Run D18 Scott Bros – Highdown Stud
160 Latest Craze c. Mogok Fashion Frenzy D19 Scott Bros – Highdown Stud
169 Countessofcoulter f. Mogok Flying Filly D4 Scott Bros – Highdown Stud
170 Noble Flight c. Noble Tune Flyingwithoutwings D20 Scott Bros – Highdown Stud
187 Bold Linngari c. Linngari Heartbreaker D21 Scott Bros – Highdown Stud
190 Matador Miss f. Toreador Horsepower D5 Scott Bros – Highdown Stud
212 Shehzadi f. Crusade Jungle Princess D6 Scott Bros – Highdown Stud
237 African Midnight f. Mogok Midnight Ale D7 Scott Bros – Highdown Stud
248 The Pie Lady f. Miesque’s Approval Mulberry D8 Scott Bros – Highdown Stud
262 Sky Kingdom f. Eightfold Path Patchouli Moon D9 Scott Bros – Highdown Stud
269 Blue Bell Girl f. Mogok Pin Up Babe D10 Scott Bros – Highdown Stud
12 Hathaway f. Crusade Royal Canton E9 Somerset Stud
216 Snowfall f. Crusade Khorkina E8 Somerset Stud
10 Justaguything c. Just As Well Roses For Lizzy D22 Spring Valley Stud
65 Basilinna f. Just As Well Vasilisa E15 Spring Valley Stud
119 Toureiro c. Toreador Case Stated D23 Spring Valley Stud
121 Que-tee f. Querari Charming Lady E14 Spring Valley Stud
145 16delmonica f. Visionaire Delmonica E13 Spring Valley Stud
148 Carmella f. Just As Well Devonella E12 Spring Valley Stud
164 Just Oren c. Just As Well First ‘n Fast D24 Spring Valley Stud
175 Flame Of Elegance f. Irish Flame Galingale E11 Spring Valley Stud
203 Georgina Rose f. Just As Well Island Girl E10 Spring Valley Stud
2 16quick Delivery c. Eightfold Path Quick Delivery D25 Spring Valley Stud (agent)
5 16reigning Queen c. Just As Well Reigning Queen D26 Spring Valley Stud (agent)
24 16secret Magok c. Vercingetorix Secret Magok D27 Spring Valley Stud (agent)
55 16tomorrow’s Miss c. Golden Sword Tomorrow’s Miss D28 Spring Valley Stud (agent)
64 16vanity c. Visionaire Vanity D29 Spring Valley Stud (agent)
95 16aqua Star c. Time Thief Aqua Star D30 Spring Valley Stud (agent)
137 Tinker Tailor c. Brave Tin Soldier Crystal Bay D31 Spring Valley Stud (agent)
201 16irish Honour c. Visionaire Irish Honour D32 Spring Valley Stud (agent)
226 16lana c. Just As Well Lana E18 Spring Valley Stud (agent)
168 Eagles Vision c. Master Of My Fate Fly Away Home E17 Spring Valley Stud (agent For Wynnholme Stud)
234 Decadent Lady f. Master Of My Fate Magnifique E16 Spring Valley Stud (agent For Wynnholme Stud)
123 Shammah f. Byword Choir Maiden B32 Summerview Stud
193 Apache Mountain c. Linngari Ice Pageant C6 Summerview Stud
223 Secret Song c. Noble Tune Lady Carter C5 Summerview Stud
232 Coup D’or f. Noble Tune Madame Tigre B33 Summerview Stud
253 Ramsay c. Crusade Nigella C4 Summerview Stud
259 Lil Green Gretna f. Gimmethegreenlight Over The Anvil B34 Summerview Stud
3 Rainhill c. Toreador Raindrops On Roses B22 The Fort Stud
133 Mythos c. Crusade Country Rose B23 The Fort Stud
135 City Dancer c. Querari Critical Mind B24 The Fort Stud
76 16windy City f. Master Of My Fate Windy City B26 The Fort Stud (agent)
144 Ivalo’s Prince c. Noble Tune Dazzle B25 The Fort Stud (agent)
185 Bling A Ding Ding f. What A Winter Hargraves Bell B27 The Fort Stud (agent)
29 16sheikitupbaby f. The Assayer Sheikitupbaby B8 Yellow Star Stud
174 16furious But Fast f. Crusade Furious But Fast B7 Yellow Star Stud
210 16jillnaar c. The Assayer Jillnaar A33 Yellow Star Stud
228 16laurel Canyon f. Kildonan Laurel Canyon B6 Yellow Star Stud
251 16najah c. Crusade Najah A34 Yellow Star Stud
263 16pennings c. Kildonan Pennings A35 Yellow Star Stud


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