The National Horseracing Authority of Southern Africa (NHA) is proud to announce major funding support from The Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC) for South Africa’s racing and breeding industries. The funding provided by the HKJC will be applied to work which is critical to the restoration of the direct export of South African horses to international markets.

Made possible through significant funds flowing from the simulcast of South African races into Hong Kong, the funding will be allocated to assist with, amongst other things, work carried out by South African Equine Health and Protocols (SAEHP) in preparation for audits to be conducted by the European Union and the United Kingdom. The racing and breeding industries in South Africa can expect a major boost from the long-awaited re-opening of the direct export of horses from South Africa that will result from a positive outcome of these audits.

Susan Rowett, Chair of the NHA, said “On behalf of everyone involved in the racing and breeding industries in South Africa, I would like to thank The Hong Kong Jockey Club for this most generous support in these difficult times.

The confirmation of simulcast racedays and the announcement of additional funding for the export drive is wonderful news. In our isolation from the rest of the world, we are immensely appreciative of being part of the community of the Asian Racing Federation and this exceptional support from a fellow member. The additional funding in aid of the resumption of exports comes at a critical time. I am confident that this crucial support will prove to be the catalyst that achieves the outcome we all desire.”

David Abery, SAEHP Chair, said “On behalf of SAEHP and all the participants of the South African thoroughbred industry, I would like to sincerely thank The Hong Kong Jockey Club for their support in arriving at this funding arrangement which will support efforts to re-open the export of horses from South Africa. We will continue to work with the South African Government to schedule the audits of SAEHP’s disease control systems by both Europe and the United Kingdom as soon as is possible. We look forward to working with the NHA and the South African Government in getting the required protocols in place with our trade partners to export horses from South Africa to Europe, the United Kingdom and beyond, which would be transformational for the South African breeding and racing industry.”

HKJC Chief Executive Officer Winfried Engelbrecht-Bresges said “The Hong Kong Jockey Club is pleased that funds from its simulcast of South African racing into Hong Kong will support the critically important steps being taken by the South African industry to restore direct horse exports.I also want to acknowledge The National Horseracing Authority of Southern Africa which will play a key role in leading preparations for major audits by the European Union and the United Kingdom that are needed for the re-opening of South Africa’s equine market to the world, which has been identified by the Asian Racing Federation as a key issue relating to the international movement of horses.”

As the horseracing authority for South Africa, the NHA is delighted to play an oversight role in the application of the funds. It is proposed that the funding arrangement signed by the HKJC, the NHA and SAEHP will continue until 30 June 2022.


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