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Lance. Image: Summerhill Stud
Lance. Image: Summerhill Stud

Sean Tarry has always been high on Jet Master’s gifted racing son, Lance. He should know. He’s trained several of the family, including his Group One-winning brother Liege, yet Lance was always his pick of the tribe. When Lance stripped the sheen off Louis The King’s burgeoning reputation in the Secretariat Stakes, Tarry was quick to proclaim him a Gr.1 horse in waiting. While nobody knew then that Louis The King would go on within a couple of months to become a Triple Crown hero, it was some statement about Lance’s performance that day.

We all know the thin red line that divides ecstasy and agony in the racing game, and our champion trainer has ever since lamented the early termination of Lance’s career, more so now that we know how good Jet Master’s other sons, Master Of My Fate and Pomodoro have turned out.  Not to mention the same ownership’s Skitt Skizzle, who’s been something of a hit himself with five impressive winners from just six foals in his first crop. I guess that ends the conjecture as to whether Jet Master will make a sire of sires; the evidence is written big in racing’s folklore.

We had the pleasure of hosting Chris and Erich van Niekerk this past week, and especially in showing them Lance’s first foals at Summerhill. Those who know Lance will tell you he’s a horse of immaculate physical proportions, beautifully balanced, athletic, clean legged and a fluid, panther-like mover. His foals are like peas-in-a-pod, solidly built, grand movers on perfect limbs with big engines, and like their father, deep, rich bays.

The problem is that by the time he came to stud, he was virtually a “forgotten” horse, after spending a year and a half in injury-induced rehabilitation. Attracting an appropriate level of support is never easy in these circumstances, and so Chris and Erich have come up with a novel proposal. In order to understand its value, you should take the trouble if possible, to acquaint yourself with his foals; after that, it’s a “no-brainer”. Here goes:

  • You pay R5 000, and provided you send a mare in each of this and next season, you own a share in Lance, which obviously entitles you not only to use the horse every season, but to share in any future surplus income netted.
  • For this and the next season, you will have the option of sending two mares in each of those seasons, at no extra cost.

As an expression of the irresistibility of the deal, Summerhill is taking up 25% of Lance, reinforced by the arrival of his first foals. In extending an invitation to you to join us in investing in Lance’s future, I’m attaching one of the best pedigrees in the Stud Book. It’s hard to imagine too many prospects carrying better credentials.

If you’re keen to know more, all you need do is respond to this note. But bear in mind, the best you can do with a deal like this is come and see him and his foals. A call to Megan (033 263 1081) will facilitate it anytime you wish.

Regards as always, and all the best with the season almost upon us.



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