Final Log: KZN Breeders Series

St John Gray, the final log leader. Image: Candiese Lenferna
No.HorseAge Sex MR TrainerBreederPre-NomPoints 
1CHRISTOPHER ROBIN3C96St John Gray Graystone Stud Yes51
2AT THE OPERA4G66Zietsman Oosthuizen Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd Yes32
3GRINDELWALD4G77St John Gray Graystone Stud Yes30
4AMBRA4F86Alan Greeff Piemonte Stud Yes28
5JIVE EXPRESS4F82St John Gray Graystone Stud Yes26
6NIMCHA4G87Gary Alexander Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd Yes26
7CALANDRA3F84Alan Greeff Piemonte Stud Yes26
8ARIZONA SUNSET5M85Kumaran Naidoo Mr R Plersch Yes24
9CURVATION4F68Weiho Marwing Bush Hill Stud Yes23
10FINAL ATTEMPT4G91Glen Kotzen Mr & Mrs R B McGregor Yes23
11PUTINS PROMISE3C78St John Gray Graystone Stud Yes23
12BINT EL MALAK4F69Paul Lafferty Bush Hill Stud Yes22
13ROCKY PATH4G78St John Gray Clifton Stud Yes22
14AD ALTISIMA3G92Michael Roberts Mr G C Kalil Yes22
15DANCE CLASS3F79St John Gray Graystone Stud Yes22
16HELLOFARIDE3G85Mike de Kock Rathmor Stud (Nom: Mr M A McHardy) Yes22
17MADAME PATRICE3F82Corne Spies ThoroughBlood Yes22
18PILGRIM’S PROGRESS5M88Paul Peter Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd Yes21
19CHIEF OF STATE4G104Paul Peter Barton Hall Stud Yes21
20RAILTRIP4F88Gavin van Zyl Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd Yes21
21ADMIRAL’S GUEST6G77Mark Dixon Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd Yes20
22BELLA BELLARINA3F78Yogas Govender Piemonte Stud Yes20
23BRAVO ONE3G70Dorrie Sham Mr Bruce Le Roux Yes20
24BOCKSCAR6G83Sean Tarry Bush Hill Stud Yes19
25LINEAR4F97Lezeanne Forbes Mr R Maingard & White Heat Trading 26 (Nom : Mr M Bridgenun) Yes19
26TRANSONIC3G78Dennis Bosch Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd Yes19
27BEFORE NOON5G84Sean Tarry Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd Yes18
28ALDO4G97Alan Greeff Piemonte Stud Yes18
29CALIENTE4G94Dennis Drier Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd Yes18
30CHIJMES4G120Gary Alexander Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd Yes18
31LETS PLAY BALL4G93Sharon B Kotzen Mr Bruce Le Roux Yes18
32NEWS STREAM4G84Mark Dixon Kinmount Stud Yes18
33NEXUS4G107Justin Snaith Rathmor Stud (Nom: Mr M A McHardy) Yes18
34NOBLE JOSHUA4G98Gareth van Zyl Rathmor Stud (Nom: Mr M A McHardy) Yes18
35NOEMI4F63Garth Puller Piemonte Stud Yes18
36SHE’S A CRUSADE4F65Corinne Bestel Clifton Stud Yes18
37EMPRESS JOSEPHINE3F86Paul Peter Clifton Stud Yes18
38GEORGINA ROSE3F95Garth Puller Mr Bruce Le Roux Yes18
39LUNA WISH3F97Alan Greeff Mr Bruce Le Roux Yes18
40WINTER CHILL3G84Garth Puller Estate Mr G J Royden-Turner Yes18
41MASTER AND MAN5G87Gary Alexander Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd Yes17
42VINSON4G80Tony Rivalland Piemonte Stud Yes17
43BLOW ME DOWN3G73Clinton Binda Bush Hill Stud Yes17
44STOP FOR NOTHING3G73Stephen Moffatt Takemore Stud Yes17
45UNDISCLOSED3C77St John Gray Graystone Stud Yes17
46PLYMOUTH ROCK6G84Doug Campbell Sugar Hill Stud Yes16
47PRETTY BALLERINA5M85Tara Laing Tawny Syndicate Yes16
48ALFONSA SPAGONI4G70Mark Dixon Kinmount Stud Yes16
49BE HAPPY4F87Michael Roberts Clifton Stud Yes16
50PATHS OF VICTORY4G101Gareth van Zyl Rathmor Stud (Nom: Mr M A McHardy) Yes16
51IN AURO3G80Dennis Bosch Rathmor Stud (Nom: Mr M A McHardy) Yes16
52MARMALADE3F80Lezeanne Forbes Mr Bruce Le Roux Yes16
53DOUBLE ESPRESSO3G78Garth Puller Clifton Stud Yes16
54ROUGE ALLURE6M87Stephen Moffatt Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd Yes15
55RONNIE’S CANDY4F117St John Gray Graystone Stud Yes15
56SPIRITOFTHEGROOVE3F102Sean Tarry Tmen Stables Yes15
57WAVE3G104 Scott Bros Yes15
58ZEAL AND ZEST6G80Gary Alexander Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd Yes14
59CAMPHORATUS5M110R A Hill/S R Hill Mr & Mrs Rob Pickering T/A Middlefield Stud Yes14
60CUMULUS5G89Nathan Kotzen Mr & Mrs Late A W Procter Yes14
61LAKE KINNERET5G102St John Gray Graystone Stud Yes14
62THRONG5G80Sean Tarry Bush Hill Stud Yes14
63AT HAND4C83St John Gray Graystone Stud Yes14
64BRAVE LASS4F60Wendy Whitehead Messrs R Thorpe & R B Zeeman Yes14
65OLD MAN TYME4G94St John Gray Graystone Stud Yes14
66ALFONSE BABY3F74Wendy Whitehead Mr G S Perkins Yes14
67BRUNILDA3F76Garth Puller Piemonte Stud Yes14
68GOLDEN TUNE3G79David Nieuwenhuizen Clifton Stud Yes14
69JUSTAGUYTHING3G83Gavin van Zyl Mr Bruce Le Roux Yes14
70MARYGOLD3F112Alec Laird Clifton Stud Yes14
71NOBLE FREEDOM3F70Dennis Bosch Rathmor Stud (Nom: Mr M A McHardy) Yes14
72THE VOW3F76Justin Snaith Rathmor Stud (Nom: Mr M A McHardy) Yes14
73IN CAHOOTS4G94Sean Tarry Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd Yes13
74KILVINGTON4F60Wendy Whitehead Mrs P A Young Yes13
75SWEET EMPRESS4F70Wendy Whitehead Mr Bruce Le Roux Yes13
76ASTUTE VISION3F70WDF Badenhorst/BC Kennedy Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd Yes13
77BRANDINA3F92Alan Greeff Piemonte Stud Yes13
78FOREST JUMP3G76Darryl Moore Hartley S A (Pty) Ltd Yes13
79JUST KIDDING3F87Gary Alexander Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd Yes13
80MATADOR MAN6G115Sean Tarry Scott Bros Yes12
81ISHNANA5G110Garth Puller Mr R M Smith Yes12
82SOVEREIGN SOLDIER5G74Wendy Whitehead Messrs R Thorpe & R B Zeeman Yes12
83BLUE SPARK3G74Alec Laird Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd Yes12
84ENJOY THE VIEW3G99Michael Roberts Mr G C Kalil Yes12
85IRISH DAME3F77Dianne Stenger Clifton Stud Yes12
86MISSISIPPI BURNING3F116Adam Marcus Rathmor Stud (Nom: Mr M A McHardy) Yes12
87SLIEVANORRA3F79Gareth van Zyl Bush Hill Stud Yes12
88TEICHMAN3G74Wendy Whitehead Scott Bros Yes12
89TUPELO HONEY3F73Michael Roberts Mr S R Rosseau Yes12
90CHATTERTONS KEEPER3G80Wendy Whitehead Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd Yes12
91BRAVO ZULU5G64Louis Goosen Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd Yes11
92CARLITA4F99Alan Greeff Piemonte Stud Yes11
93WHAT A BLAST4G80Dennis Bosch Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd Yes11
94IRISH WONDER GIRL4F87Gavin van Zyl Bush Hill Stud Yes11
95KILDONAN BAY3F76Doug Campbell Sugar Hill Stud Yes11
96SONJADOR3G69Michael Roberts Mr S R Rosseau Yes11
97TOM BOMBADIL3G73Darryl Moore Hartley S A (Pty) Ltd Yes11
98CONSTANTINE6G71Dennis Drier Mr & Mrs G E Lees Yes10
99THE BAYOU5G85Paul Lafferty Scott Bros Yes10
100TWELVE OAKS5M83St John Gray Graystone Stud Yes10
101GOLDEN SPIRAL4F69Dianne Stenger Clifton Stud Yes10
102ITSAPLEASURE4F78Gavin van Zyl Estate Mr G J Royden-Turner Yes10
103LA BELLA4F76Garth Puller Tertia Properties (Pty) Ltd (Nom: Mr S C Harley) Yes10
104MERLIN FROM BERLIN4G85Nathan Kotzen Mr R Plersch Yes10
105RUBY SLIPPERS4F66Doug Campbell Sugar Hill Stud Yes10
106ABDUL3C75 Graystone Stud Yes10
107ABLE SURPRISE3G73Sean Tarry Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd Yes10
108BELSHAZZAR3G74J A Janse van Vuuren Rathmor Stud (Nom: Mr M A McHardy) Yes10
109MISS CHARLOTTE3F76Garth Puller Bush Hill Stud Yes10
110KINGSMEAD6G88Michael Roberts Kjell Foundation Yes9
111SPIFFY5M63Wendy Whitehead Mr & Mrs A W Kethro Yes9
112GIACOMO3G66Alan Greeff Piemonte Stud Yes9
113GIRL FROM IPANEMA3F60Dennis Bosch Rathmor Stud (Nom: Mr M A McHardy) Yes9
114LEADING LYRIC3F65Gary Rich Rathmor Stud (Nom: Mr M A McHardy) Yes9
115TEOFILIA3G68Alan Greeff Piemonte Stud Yes9
116CLASSIC GUARD5M78Mark Dixon Mr B J Moore Yes8
117FLY BY SKYE5G61 Mr & Mrs R B McGregor Yes8
118OURO5M84Paul Peter Bush Hill Stud Yes8
119SHE’S A DREAM5M81Mark Dixon Mr Bruce Le Roux Yes8
120THE RISING LEGEND5G93Alec Laird Scott Bros Yes8
121ARIKEL4F70Dianne Stenger Clifton Stud Yes8
122FLATTLEY4G52Sean Tarry Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd Yes8
123FORTHELASTIME4G84Dennis Drier Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd Yes8
124MOKOKO4G71Paul Lafferty Scott Bros Yes8
125PAPER BALLERINA4F68Mark Dixon Mr R Plersch Yes8
126AL JAZEERA3G77Gavin van Zyl Mr Bruce Le Roux Yes8
127ANGEL BOUQUET3F79Juan Nel Mr Kana Pillay Yes8
128BRIGADE3G66Paul Gadsby Tertia Properties (Pty) Ltd (Nom: Mr S C Harley) Yes8
129CARMELLA3F60Jarett Rugg Spring Valley Syndicate Yes8
130CHAUMASO3G74M J Odendaal Backworth Stud Yes8
131FAST AS SILVER3F76Tony Rivalland The Fort Stud Yes8
132FLAMING LASS3F80Garth Puller Estate Mr G J Royden-Turner Yes8
133INTO THE FUTURE3G82R A Hill/S R Hill Mr G C Kalil Yes8
134LEARNING TO FLY3G72R A Hill/S R Hill Yellow Star Stud Yes8
135LIVERPOOL CHAMP3G89Gavin van Zyl Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd Yes8
136MISS MARMALADE3F75 Wynnholme Stud Yes8
137MISSION BEACH3F70Dennis Drier Mr R Plersch Yes8
138ON THE BAYOU3G78Grant Paddock Scott Bros Yes8
139SEEMYVISION3F85Roy Magner Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd Yes8
140SIGMA ALPHA3F74Dennis Bosch Rathmor Stud (Nom: Mr M A McHardy) Yes8
141THANDEKHILE3F74Gary Alexander Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd Yes8
142WHARRA WHARRA3G69St John Gray Graystone Stud Yes8
143SCARBOROUGH FAIR3F77Sharon B Kotzen Clifton Stud Yes8
144BLONDE BABE3F74Sharon B Kotzen Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd Yes8
145MOVIE MAGIC4G71M J Odendaal Scott Bros Yes7
146MYSTIC DREAMER4F59Corinne Bestel Clifton Stud Yes7
147ROCKCLIFFE4G82Dennis Drier Mr M G Wishart Yes7
148BLANCHETTA3F60Mark Dixon Mr R Plersch Yes7
149CRAZY CHARLIE3G76 Clifton Stud Yes7
150DECLARATION OF WAR3G67Kumaran Naidoo Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd Yes7
151NOBLE FLIGHT3G65Dennis Bosch Scott Bros Yes7
152STAR CRUSADE3G66Garth Puller Bush Hill Stud Yes7
153VISION TO GLORY3G66Corinne Bestel Clifton Stud Yes7
154DOM SEGUIDOR6G49Wendy Whitehead Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd Yes6
155THE SANDS4G79Gary Alexander Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd Yes6
156KINGRAM3G59Bill Human Piemonte Stud Yes6
157MAGARI3G62Garth Puller Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd Yes6
158RAMSAY3C67Alyson Wright Summerview Stud Yes6
159ROY’S TAXI8G56Kumaran Naidoo Mr Bruce Le Roux Yes5
160KINSKY’S CRUSADE5M60Corinne Bestel Clifton Stud Yes5
161SAMSONITE5G78Dennis Bosch Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd Yes5
162MASTER MAGIC4G97Dennis Bosch Scott Bros Yes5
163TIGERMIL4F66Jacques Strydom Tawny Syndicate Yes5
164VIRTUOSA3F95Mike de Kock Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd Yes5
165JUSTFORTHEEPENNY3G82Nathan Kotzen Mr & Mrs Late A W Procter Yes5
166HYAKU8G64Sean Tarry Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd Yes4
167JUST CRUISED IN6G85Gavin van Zyl Shadwell Stud Yes4
168MISSIBABA6M70Bill Human Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd Yes4
169UNAGI6G99Gary Alexander Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd Yes4
170AMBER FURST5M66Wendy Whitehead Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd Yes4
171FESTIVE LINNGARI5G63David Nieuwenhuizen Mr R Plersch Yes4
172FILIPPO5G106Yogas Govender Piemonte Stud Yes4
173LINNGER LONGER5M59 Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd Yes4
174MASHARI5G72WDF Badenhorst/BC Kennedy Mr & Mrs Late A W Procter Yes4
175MIYOSHI5G72 Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd Yes4
176PREMIER SHOW5G89Clinton Binda Scott Bros Yes4
177PRINCE OF KAHAL5G123Roy Magner Clifton Stud Yes4
178TOP CLASSMAN5G89Kumaran Naidoo Scott Bros Yes4
179ABBEY4F69Greg & Karen Anthony Mr Bruce Le Roux Yes4
180ABELIE4F91Gareth van Zyl Piemonte Stud Yes4
181AFSAN DREAM4G45Kumaran Naidoo Balmoral Stud Yes4
182AGAINST THE GRAIN4G95Sean Tarry Bush Hill Stud Yes4
183ARTHUR SHELBY4C62Ivan Van Wyk Yellow Star Stud Yes4
184BREVIN4G64Tara Laing Piemonte Stud Yes4
185CALL ME TONIGHT4F66Kumaran Naidoo Mr Mayesh Chetty Yes4
186CHAMPAGNE DANCER4F40Doug Campbell Lauren Taylor Yes4
187CHARLIE MCCREEVY4G71Doug Campbell Estate Mr G J Royden-Turner Yes4
188ELEGANTLY SEXY4G45Tony Rivalland Tmen Stables Yes4
189FIORANO4G73Tony Rivalland Team Valor International (Nom: Mr B Irwin) Yes4
190FROZEN TUNE4G55Dennis Bosch Clifton Stud Yes4
191HARTLEYFOUR4G67Roy Magner BIT Thoroughbreds South Africa (Pty) Ltd Yes4
192HOPE FOR MILLIONS4F56Stephen Moffatt Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd Yes4
193HOTTENTOTS HOLLAND4F71David Nieuwenhuizen Mr Bruce Le Roux Yes4
194I’M A LOOKER4F0 Mr G C Kalil Yes4
195IN FOR A PENNY4C65St John Gray Graystone Stud Yes4
196JAGESA JAGESA4G76Dorrie Sham Mr & Mrs Rob Pickering T/A Middlefield Stud Yes4
197JUMPING CASTLE4G44Ivan Van Wyk Yellow Star Stud Yes4
198JUNGLE JANE4F67Lezeanne Forbes Scott Bros Yes4
199JUST CHAOS4F87 Mr Bruce Le Roux Yes4
200KING’S COVE4G56Doug Campbell Sugar Hill Stud Yes4
201LEANNA4F58Dennis Drier Piemonte Stud Yes4
202LIQUID IRISH4F87Wendy Whitehead Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd Yes4
203MITRA MUSIC4F82 Rathmor Stud (Nom: Mr M A McHardy) Yes4
204NIKIYA4F81Michael Roberts Mrs V L Roberts Yes4
205POLLARD4G88Tony Rivalland Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd Yes4
206SAINT MARCELLA4F53Paul Peter Mr H C N Da Costa Yes4
207SILENT CRUSADE4F108Mark Dixon Mr Bruce Le Roux Yes4
208TALANOA4F35 Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd Yes4
209TEXAS FIZZ4G35Ivan Van Wyk Yellow Star Stud Yes4
210THE GREAT QUEEN4F56Tienie Prinsloo BIT Thoroughbreds South Africa (Pty) Ltd Yes4
211UNCLE CHARLIE4G67Garth Puller Backworth Stud Yes4
213APACHE MOUNTAIN3G43Lezeanne Forbes Summerview Stud Yes4
214APPLE DROP3F0St John Gray Graystone Stud Yes4
215ATTENTIVE3G68Corne Spies Mr & Mrs Rob Pickering T/A Middlefield Stud Yes4
216BARITONE BLUES3F0Corinne Bestel Clifton Stud Yes4
217BLACK ORLOV3C16 Yellow Star Stud Yes4
218CAPE STARLING3F57Dianne Stenger Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd Yes4
219CAPPELLA MAGNA3C63St John Gray Graystone Stud Yes4
220CELTIC CAT3F46 Bush Hill Stud Yes4
221CHECK ME CHECK YOU3G50Greg & Karen Anthony Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd Yes4
222CHUKKA3C51Ivan Van Wyk Yellow Star Stud Yes4
223CRUSADE’S STAR3G56Greg & Karen Anthony Mr B D van Laun Yes4
224CULTURED PEARL3G72Corne Spies Mr & Mrs Rob Pickering T/A Middlefield Stud Yes4
225CUSTOM MADE3G44St John Gray Graystone Stud Yes4
226DANZIG’S FLAME3F0 Bush Hill Stud Yes4
227DEBBIE GOES WEST3F68Dorrie Sham Mr A L A Crabbia Yes4
228DUNE DANCE3F64Gavin Smith Scott Bros Yes4
229EAGLES VISION3G69Dennis Drier Wynnholme Stud Yes4
230EUREKA MOMENT3F0 Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd Yes4
231FAT BOY3C0Ivan Van Wyk Yellow Star Stud Yes4
232GAIAN GLORY3F97Gary Alexander Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd Yes4
233GLOUCESTERSHIRE3C0Ivan Van Wyk Yellow Star Stud Yes4
234GOLDEN ARCHER3F57Wendy Whitehead Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd Yes4
235GREY LINNGARI3G69Paul Lafferty Scott Bros Yes4
236GUNFLASH3G41Nathan Kotzen Mr E G R Hughes Yes4
237HATHAWAY3F32Paul Lafferty Somerset Stud Yes4
238HEY BENNIE3G0St John Gray Graystone Stud Yes4
239HEY DELILAH3F78Michael Roberts Mr Bruce Le Roux Yes4
240IRVINE3G51Dianne Stenger Clifton Stud Yes4
241JANE’S DREAMWORLD3F34 Clifton Stud Yes4
242JUST LIBERTY3G63Mark Dixon Mr Bruce Le Roux Yes4
243JUST ON BROADWAY3G0Greg & Karen Anthony Mr Bruce Le Roux Yes4
244KINTALA3G58Alec Laird Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd Yes4
245LEIA’S GATE3F0St John Gray Graystone Stud Yes4
246LIBERATOR3G0Garth Puller Hartley S A (Pty) Ltd Yes4
247LIL GREEN GRETNA3F39David Nieuwenhuizen Summerview Stud Yes4
248LINNBARA3G58Nathan Kotzen Mr R Plersch Yes4
249LUNAFACATION3G64Wendy Whitehead Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd Yes4
250MAGOKORO3C0St John Gray Graystone Stud Yes4
251MALLOW3F0Gareth van Zyl Bush Hill Stud Yes4
252MANHATTAN MELODY3G0Louis Goosen Rathmor Stud (Nom: Mr M A McHardy) Yes4
253MAXIMA3G48Doug Campbell Sugar Hill Stud Yes4
254MAXINE DU MONDE3F46Mark Dixon Mr S R Rosseau Yes4
255MISS MISSOURI3F73Doug Campbell Sugar Hill Stud Yes4
256MYSTERY TRIP3F60Nathan Kotzen Mr E G R Hughes Yes4
257NHLANHLA3G0Doug Campbell Sugar Hill Stud Yes4
258NOBLE DIANA3F59 Mr Dave Scott Yes4
259NOBLE RHYTHM3F75HWJ Crawford/M Rix Rathmor Stud (Nom: Mr M A McHardy) Yes4
260PRAISE SINGER3G60 Kjell Foundation Yes4
261RIDINGTHECREST3G0 Mr P A M Magid & Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd Yes4
262ROCK EMBLEM3F50Paul Lafferty Bush Hill Stud Yes4
263ROCKET RHUMBA3G64Doug Campbell Scott Bros Yes4
264ROLLINLIKETHUNDER3C0Ivan Van Wyk Yellow Star Stud Yes4
265ROY’S BANGLE3F53Kumaran Naidoo Mr Roy Moodley Yes4
266RUNNING FREELY3G77Greg & Karen Anthony Mr B D van Laun Yes4
267SET THE STANDARD3G88Lucky Houdalakis Hartley S A (Pty) Ltd Yes4
268SHANE3C79Bridget Stidolph Bush Hill Stud Yes4
269SON OF THE SOIL3G44Nathan Kotzen Ms Nothemba Mlonzi Yes4
270STAR OVER CAPETOWN3G44Mark Dixon Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd Yes4
271STORMY MISS3F75Gary Rich Scott Bros Yes4
272SWANKING3G65Nathan Kotzen Mr E G R Hughes Yes4
273SWEET CHARIOT3F56Dorrie Sham Kjell Foundation Yes4
274SWINDON3F43Ivan Van Wyk Yellow Star Stud Yes4
275TEENAGE KICKS3G58 Rathmor Stud (Nom: Mr M A McHardy) Yes4
276TESTIMONY3F55Dennis Bosch Rathmor Stud (Nom: Mr M A McHardy) Yes4
277THRILL ME3F0 Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd Yes4
278TIGER TANK3C67Ivan Van Wyk Yellow Star Stud Yes4
279TINKER TAILOR3G55Doug Campbell Messrs B B Campbell, A M Quintas & G D Massey-Hicks Yes4
280TUSKER3G0 Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd Yes4
281TWOTHREERHODES3F0 Chantarelle Farm (Nom: Mr C E P Touzel) Yes4
283UPTOWN FUNK3G40 Rathmor Stud (Nom: Mr M A McHardy) Yes4
284VISIONINTHEMIST3F48Dianne Stenger Clifton Stud Yes4
285WAY TO DAZZLE3F0 Graystone Stud Yes4
286WISHFUL GIRL LINN3F80Garth Puller Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd Yes4
287WITZENBERG3F0Corinne Bestel Clifton Stud Yes4
288YOSHIDA3F64Wendy Whitehead Mr & Mrs J Martin Yes4
289ZIVA NOIR3F63Kumaran Naidoo Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd Yes4

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