KZN Yearling Sale Million 2014 – Qualifying Horses

KZN Yearling Sale Million 2014 – Qualifying Horses

The Thoroughbred Breeders Association have released the list the of qualifying horses for the KZN Yearling Sale Million – a race that was richly supported in its inaugural running last year on Vodacom Durban July day, which saw the Group-placed Ace Antonius from Highlands Farms Stud snatch the R1-million purse from Jimmi Choo.

It was a high quality field including a number of Juvenile Group winners – including the likes of sale graduates such as Gr2 Umkhomazi winner Colour Of Courage (Backworth Stud), Gr 2 SA Fillies Nursery winner Virgo’s Babe (Midlands Thoroughbreds) and Storm Bird Stakes winner Jimmi Choo (Hadlow Stud).

The race has proved a fantastic incentive which has raised the profile of the KZN Yearling Sale taking place at Suncoast this year 3 & 4 July – perhaps its most prominent graduate has been that of Gr 1 Allan Robertson winner Happy Valentine (Maine Chance Farms).

 Ace Antonius with winning connections Vaughn Marshall, Mike Sharkey of Highlands Farms and Mr and Mrs Ken Truter. Image: Candiese Marnewick

The following horses in order of Vendor – qualify for entry to the race on Vodacom Durban July day 2014 – after accepting the terms and conditions implemented at the time of the sale last year. The race is restricted to all sale graduates who ‘ticked the boxes’.

29 Classe Mondiale Seventh Rock Pink Tinge  The Alchemy
39 11queen Cleopatra Windrush Queen Cleopatra  The Alchemy
44 Dancingwithjackson Seventh Rock Rambo’s Flirt  The Alchemy
89 11sublime Surge Lateral Sublime Surge  The Alchemy
152 Many A Summer Count Dubois Ballina  The Alchemy
163 11brandy Moon Windrush Brandy Moon  The Alchemy
206 11elite Star Black Minnaloushe Elite Star  The Alchemy
208 Master Of Rock Seventh Rock Equilibrium  The Alchemy
226 Windigo Windrush Forbidden Fruit  The Alchemy
261 Roy’s Blitz Lateral Inside Blitz  The Alchemy
292 Divine Wind Windrush Divine Fairy  The Alchemy
25 Whale Trail Fort Beluga Paved In Gold Aldora Stud
40 Queen’s Advance Right Approach Queen Of Kiwi Aldora Stud
110 Trendy Hendry Miesque’s Approval Truely Modern Aldora Stud
155 Eltons Apostle King’s Apostle Bennie Andthe Jets Aldora Stud
248 Birkins Best Miesque’s Approval Harolds Gold Aldora Stud
249 Faux Pas Silvano Haute Cuisine Aldora Stud
254 Pious Ride Antonius Pius Hunter’s Road Aldora Stud
14 Hera Argonaut Mythical Model Almiray Farm
103 Coral Breeze Mullins Bay Toni Almiray Farm
227 AnnounceTheSecret A.P. Arrow Foreign Trade Almiray Farm
82 Pepe Kabool Spanish Isle Almiray Farm (agent)
153 11beautiful Noise Elusive Fort Beautiful Noise Ambleway Thoroughbred Stables (agent)
256 11iberia Lake Coniston Iberia Ambleway Thoroughbred Stables (agent)
6 11medusa Ravishing Medusa Avalon Stud
7 Party Tricks Miesque’s Approval Merriment Backworth Stud
105 Most Noble A.P. Answer Touch Of Nobility Backworth Stud
149 Mayfleur Atso Autumn Concerto Backworth Stud
189 Moonraker Dynasty Dazzling Diamond Backworth Stud
228 11forever Flaming Way West Forever Flaming Barton Hall Stud
11 Al Capitano Captain Al Miss Kiri Boland Stud
76 Cherry Bomb Jet Master So Chic Boland Stud
97 Save the Day Kahal The Daydream Boland Stud
200 Miss Jackpot Judpot Eagle Crest Boland Stud
212 Marriage Vows Mambo In Seattle Faithful Promise Boland Stud
223 11florida Sun Ashaawes Florida Sun Boland Stud
245 That’s the One Silvano Goldante Boland Stud
246 Roy’s Rebel Rebel King Golden Glamour Boland Stud
290 11lucina King’s Apostle Lucina Boland Stud
45 What’s News Argonaut Readallaboutit Boland Stud (agent)
86 King Pelias Argonaut Splash Of Water Boland Stud (agent)
122 Rebel Rain Rebel King Waltzing North Boland Stud (agent)
161 Bazinga Mullins Bay Border Baby Boland Stud (agent)
172 Fairyinthewind Count Dubois Chica Burwell Stud
251 Highly Regal Ideal World Highly Commended Burwell Stud
10 Dreya’s Gold Miesque’s Approval Miss Andrea Bush Hill Stud
61 Sani Pass Mon Sang Scenic Drive Bush Hill Stud
107 Enchanted Bay Fort Beluga Tramway’s Strike Bush Hill Stud
156 Prada Blue A.P. Answer Bistro Belle Bush Hill Stud
180 Servant Of All Bezrin Count The Carats Bush Hill Stud
38 11qawaafil Kahal Qawaafil Bush Hill Stud (agent)
43 11qusoor A.P. Arrow Qusoor Bush Hill Stud (agent)
65 Akademic Newton Sheer Brilliance Bush Hill Stud (agent)
84 Speedjet Ravishing Speedy Guest Bush Hill Stud (agent)
177 Marine Drive Mon Sang Cool Gold Bush Hill Stud (agent)
243 Mighty Flash Newton Gold Lass Bush Hill Stud (agent)
250 Pawan Miesque’s Approval Her Ladyship Bush Hill Stud (agent)
262 Sassy Chick Newton Invitation Only Bush Hill Stud (agent)
17 Poseidon Jay Peg Oceana Cheveley Stud
23 Flying Luxmi Black Minnaloushe Paradiso Cheveley Stud
53 Heart of Winter Rebel King Ruby Heart Cheveley Stud
64 11self-scented Argonaut Self-scented Cheveley Stud
125 Bantry Bay Var Westport Cheveley Stud
151 11ballerina King’s Apostle Ballerina Cheveley Stud
241 11glorious Fair Argonaut Glorious Fair Cheveley Stud
264 11ivory Tower Black Minnaloushe Ivory Tower Cheveley Stud
266 11jahazi Argonaut Jahazi Cheveley Stud
15 Rasta’s Jet Muhtafal National Silk Cheveley Stud (agent)
148 Billy Goat Seventh Rock Another Goat Cheveley Stud (agent)
21 Cheeky Question A.P. Answer Out Of Time Clifton Stud (pty) Ltd
70 Major Vaughan Atso Sister Jane Clifton Stud (pty) Ltd
114 By Jove A.P. Answer Typhoon Ruby Clifton Stud (pty) Ltd
171 Devil’s Advocate A.P. Answer Cheetham Flag Clifton Stud (pty) Ltd
183 Beckedorf A.P. Answer Countess Kinsky Clifton Stud (pty) Ltd
195 Long Shot A.P. Answer Dolphin Beach Clifton Stud (pty) Ltd
225 Permission To Land A.P. Answer Flying Affair Clifton Stud (pty) Ltd
75 Snow Call A.P. Answer Snow Goose Clifton Stud (pty) Ltd (agent)
16 Princess Beach Dynasty Ninety Mile Beach Daytona Stud (pty) Ltd
55 Jay Jay’s Wild Jay Peg Running Wild Daytona Stud (pty) Ltd
58 Night Shadow Silvano Saratoga Shadow Daytona Stud (pty) Ltd
233 Oceanview Argonaut Galileo’s Girl Daytona Stud (pty) Ltd
181 Generalissimo Var Counterpoise Daytona Stud (pty) Ltd (agent)
202 Cool Secret Casey Tibbs Ecstatic Gelykfontein Stud  –  Karoo Breeders
267 Beanstalk Ecomium Jelly Baby Gelykfontein Stud  –  Karoo Breeders
81 Green Door Miesque’s Approval Spacious Skies Hadlow Stud
116 11vegas Bound Jam Alley Vegas Bound Hadlow Stud
224 Berry Decker Miesque’s Approval Florist Gump Hadlow Stud
257 Arctic Fire Bezrin Icelandic Hope Hadlow Stud
19 Imperial Cavalier Casey Tibbs Olympic Debut Henham Stud  –  Karoo Breeders
117 Moonlit Venice Windrush Via Condotti Highlands Farm Stud  (pty) Ltd
118 Man From Milan Antonius Pius Via Cosa Como Highlands Farm Stud  (pty) Ltd
221 Taiwan Treasure Antonius Pius Five Diamonds Highlands Farm Stud  (pty) Ltd
242 Captured In Amber Antonius Pius Glowing Amber Highlands Farm Stud  (pty) Ltd
263 Ciao Caro Antonius Pius Italian Summer Highlands Farm Stud  (pty) Ltd
42 Pride And Joy Lion Tamer Quinarius Kinmount Stud
46 Kith And Kin Kahal Rebel Qui Kinmount Stud
201 Mark Of The Master Ravishing Eastern Marque Kinmount Stud
100 Hands Of Stone Count Dubois Tibetan Stone Klawervlei Stud (pty) Ltd
144 Amas Amat National Emblem Ami Amor Klawervlei Stud (pty) Ltd
2 My World Ideal World Magic In The Air Maine Chance Farms  (pty) Ltd
28 He Rocks Seventh Rock Pepper Belle Maine Chance Farms  (pty) Ltd
68 Somebody To Love Black Minnaloushe Show Piece Maine Chance Farms  (pty) Ltd
115 Upon A Star Silvano Umlilo Maine Chance Farms  (pty) Ltd
131 Widgit Jay Peg Woodstock Inn Maine Chance Farms  (pty) Ltd
167 Caprivi Strip Black Minnaloushe Cantari Maine Chance Farms  (pty) Ltd
230 Flurry Black Minnaloushe Fragrant Breeze Maine Chance Farms  (pty) Ltd
276 Leopardi Count Dubois La Calima Maine Chance Farms  (pty) Ltd
281 Longitude Lateral Langverwacht Maine Chance Farms  (pty) Ltd
96 Zante Ideal World Temperate Lady Mauritzfontein Stud (agent For N.D. Page)
8 Respect At Bay Mullins Bay Mhlonishwa Middlefield Stud
30 Eleven King Of Kings Pinturina Middlefield Stud
213 High Maintenance Carpocrates Falana Middlefield Stud
218 September Storm Carpocrates First Spring Middlefield Stud
280 Jersey Lily Miesque’s Approval Langtry Middlefield Stud
57 Beach War Carpocrates Sand Dance Middlefield Stud (agent)
121 Vintage Angel Miesque’s Approval Voice Of An Angel Middlefield Stud (agent)
146 11angel In Heaven King’s Apostle Angel In Heaven Middlefield Stud (agent)
173 Viking Castle Miesque’s Approval Chillon Castle Middlefield Stud (agent)
217 Fort Thatch Horse Chestnut First Choice Middlefield Stud (agent)
51 Bev’s Baby Ravishing Royal Gait Midlands Thoroughbreds
66 11sheikitupbaby Second Empire Sheikitupbaby Midlands Thoroughbreds
127 11whispering Reeds Second Empire Whispering Reeds Midlands Thoroughbreds
197 Pearl Oyster Bay Mullins Bay Downtown Street Midlands Thoroughbreds
239 Catness Everdene Ravishing Glide Midlands Thoroughbreds
37 Maya Go Deputy Pure Poetry Narrow Creek Stud
106 Jolene Right Approach Tramps Narrow Creek Stud
211 San Jose Right Approach Fair Enough Narrow Creek Stud
33 La Piccola Sail From Seattle Precious Promise Piemonte Stud
94 Cherish The Charm Badger’s Drift Tamakwa Piemonte Stud
101 Tigers Tyme Tiger Ridge Timefortea Piemonte Stud
147 La Prima Muhtafal Angels Dream Piemonte Stud
157 Bopapa A.P. Answer Bit Of Bizet Piemonte Stud
196 Mogokity Mogok Double T Piemonte Stud
289 The Tripster Trippi Lower House Piemonte Stud
9 Midanswer A.P. Answer Midinette Rathmor Stud
73 Roy’s King King Of Kings Slew Per Jet Rathmor Stud
123 Quest For Glory Ravishing War Echo Rathmor Stud
154 K-rush Em All Strategic News Bejewelled Beauty Rathmor Stud
220 Barcelona Babe Silvano First World Rathmor Stud
232 Lady Imhoff Miesque’s Approval Full Term Rathmor Stud
236 Strategic’s Pride Strategic News Giant’s Jewel Rathmor Stud
268 11julietta Miesque’s Approval Julietta Rathmor Stud
269 Soda Fountain Mambo In Seattle Jumeirah Beach Rathmor Stud
278 Danke Schon Miesque’s Approval Lady Dolpour Rathmor Stud
69 Rebel Sioux Rebel King Sioux Qui Riverton Stud
92 Kildonan Castle Kildonan Sweet Natasha Riverton Stud
191 Same Jurisdiction Mambo In Seattle Diana De Carlo Riverton Stud
258 In For The Kill Toreador Icon Lady Riverton Stud
273 The King’s Hand Rebel King Kadie Riverton Stud
52 Academy Princess Kahal Royal Observer Roski Stud – G.J. Royden-turner
74 Overly Impressed Overlord Smart Impression Roski Stud – G.J. Royden-turner
120 Charter’s Creek Tiger Ridge Voga Longa Roski Stud – G.J. Royden-turner
190 Devon Sea Mambo In Seattle Devonian Roski Stud – G.J. Royden-turner
50 Atso Rocks Atso Rock In The Forum Scott Bros  –  Highdown Stud
91 Sweet On You Mogok Sweet As Nectar Scott Bros  –  Highdown Stud
102 Time Marches On Overlord Timeless Tune Scott Bros  –  Highdown Stud
132 Fatso Atso World Of Spin Scott Bros  –  Highdown Stud
158 Melson Miesque’s Approval Blue Bayou Scott Bros  –  Highdown Stud
160 Girls Are Forever Mogok Bond Girl Scott Bros  –  Highdown Stud
168 Secret Service Overlord Carta Expresa Scott Bros  –  Highdown Stud
175 Elite Class Mogok Class Of Her Own Scott Bros  –  Highdown Stud
178 Corresolve Overlord Corre Solta Scott Bros  –  Highdown Stud
185 Canyoucancan Mogok Dance For Joy Scott Bros  –  Highdown Stud
192 The Bellman The Sheik Dibella Scott Bros  –  Highdown Stud
270 Front Rank Mogok Jump Ahead Scott Bros  –  Highdown Stud
282 Light The Way Miesque’s Approval Lanterns Of Gold Scott Bros  –  Highdown Stud
20 Kings Bluff King Of Kings On The Bluff Somerset Stud
26 Nugen Mangetole King Of Kings Peace Emblem Somerset Stud
99 Thunder Queen King Of Kings Thunder Clap Somerset Stud
234 11gallic Ring Way West Gallic Ring Somerset Stud
13 11mitra Var Mitra Sorrento Stud
54 Riff Raf Royal Air Force Running On Faith Sorrento Stud
62 Mr Balboa Lundy’s Liability Scholarship Sorrento Stud
207 11enchanting Queen Dynasty Enchanting Queen Sorrento Stud
235 11getty Toreador Getty Sorrento Stud
272 11just Do It Joey Seul Amour Just Do It Joey Sorrento Stud
80 Sound of Mull King’s Apostle Sound Of Sleet Southford Stud
164 Inn Time Greys Inn Bravo Bamby Southford Stud
260 11indiscretion Casey Tibbs Indiscretion Southford Stud
265 Calling Jill Announce Jadilla Southford Stud
271 11jungle Idol Casey Tibbs Jungle Idol Southford Stud
1 Letdagoodtimesroll Fort Beluga Mabaleng Spring Valley Stud
32 Silver Inspiration Silvano Positive Thoughts Spring Valley Stud
35 Crossways Fort Beluga Prime Spot Spring Valley Stud
36 Reconsider Baby Fort Beluga Protique Spring Valley Stud
63 Jamie’s Kitchen Fort Beluga School For Chefs Spring Valley Stud
78 Can You Hear Me Fort Beluga Sonic Enquiry Spring Valley Stud
109 True Ridge Tiger Ridge True Tempo Spring Valley Stud
188 Fortissimo Fort Beluga Dancing Rhapsody Spring Valley Stud
199 Katie Of Cambridge Muhtafal Duchess Of Oz Spring Valley Stud
205 Hold The Line Miesque’s Approval Eli’s Thread Spring Valley Stud
214 Telemachus Fort Beluga Fancy Fantasy Spring Valley Stud
247 11hall-light Fort Beluga Hall-light Spring Valley Stud
255 Lock Him Up Fort Beluga I Said Hey Spring Valley Stud
279 Sugar Honey Pie Kildonan Lady Gray Spring Valley Stud
291 Translunar Fort Beluga Luna Perfumada Spring Valley Stud
162 11bouncebackability Admire Main Bouncebackability Spring Valley Stud (agent)
166 Call The Clown Fort Beluga Call Me Chryss Spring Valley Stud (agent)
83 Quick Answer A.P. Answer Speedy Eli St Helier Stud
93 Mystique Miesque’s Approval Take Care St Helier Stud
176 Western Music Way West Classic Concerto St Helier Stud
159 Action Led Badger’s Drift Blushing Polly The Fort Stud (agent)
286 Green Crest Way West Linnett The Fort Stud (agent)
67 Sea Spray King Of Kings Shimmering Sea Waterford Stud (b.J. Sahd)
88 Stylish Vision King’s Apostle Stylish Grace Waterford Stud (b.J. Sahd)
126 Iconic Dream National Emblem What A Dream Waterford Stud (b.J. Sahd)
219 Garden Treasure Rebel King First Storm Waterford Stud (b.J. Sahd)
24 Coeur De Lion Rebel King Parfan Yellow Star  Stud
47 Right There Black Minnaloushe Red Armada Yellow Star  Stud
56 Belinsky Fort Beluga Russian Nature Yellow Star  Stud
77 Arrive a Five Fort Beluga Socialite Yellow Star  Stud
90 Carnival King King’s Apostle Summer Samba Yellow Star  Stud
119 Caviar Bay Fort Beluga Victoria Bay Yellow Star  Stud
136 11a Certain Smile Bezrin A Certain Smile Yellow Star  Stud
145 11angel Bay Announce Angel Bay Yellow Star  Stud
210 11exclusive Ambition Second Empire Exclusive Ambition Yellow Star  Stud
229 11fort Victoria Kildonan Fort Victoria Yellow Star  Stud

KZN Yearling Sale 2013. Image: Candiese Marnewick

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