The Apache: Equinome Testing, by Winston Chow

the apache dubai
The Apache winning the Gr2 Al Rashidiya. He has been Equinome tested as a C:T. Image: Andrew Watkins/Dubai Racing Club

The Apache has been tested by Equinome, with results indicating that he is top class, i.e Grade 1 in GRV (Genomic Racing Value) and Grade 1 in GBV(Genomic Breeding Value) and is a C-T for Speed Gene Test, writes Winston Chow.

I see that this is highly significant because Equinome tests all horses worldwide with the same criteria and thus meaning that The Apache has the Best Racing and Breeding genes amongst the best in the world. I copied this from the Plusvital/Equinome website:

“Genomic Breeding Value
The Genomic Breeding Value represents the potential for a broodmare or stallion to produce offspring with a greater aptitude for elite success. This is based on an assessment of the number of favourable genetic variants that an individual may pass on to their progeny. It does not include the additional environmental co-variants used in the Genomic Racing Value which cannot be inherited.
Each horse is given a Genomic Breeding Value (GBV) of 1–4, with an additional value of 1* to indicate Class 1 horses that are at the very top of the range.

Equinome research has determined that the general Thoroughbred population comprises:
20% Class I individuals
30% Class II individuals
30% Class III individuals
20% Class IV individuals”

If one looks at the number of individuals tested by Equinome and the significantly higher elite horses found by genetic testing as compared to the general population, it really says that those horses tested are probably perceived to be better horses already. This is understandable as the test is very expensive and those tested are probably the selected ones. What this means is that there was already a selection process prior to the test and results graded, which means a Grade 1 is of even higher significance.

Please read this information in more detail at their website:

I use many methods to select horses, and genetic testing is the latest to help me breed and race a horse that I think will be better than not using it.

Breeding characteristics:

I have previously mentioned the three best possible ways to breed to The Apache. That is via Danehill, Bold Ruler and Zabeel.

Zabeel is the one that I believe in and the reasoning is that Zabeel breeds 20% Group One horses with Vice Regal mares. Yes, the general population of horses gives a 0.2% chance of being Group One and you are talking about a one hundred times better odds in a Zabeel/vice Regal mare mating.

I believe Wilwyn might be the key (actually my teacher in pedigree analysis told me)!
As with Danehill, I will just show you the statistics from Equineline. It is always easy to list the Group One horses without mentioning how many times that had been tried. I have attached two statistics, see for yourself!

Here I also name the Group One horses bred this way: Nannina, Pride of Dubai, Shocking, Siyouma, that is 4 Group Ones from 155 foals with Danehill as broodmare sire!
For Danehill as the sire of the broodmare sire: December Draw and Stay with Me are 2 from 311! But this is a young cross with loads of two year olds and three year olds! It can get better!
Now this is the way I use statistics incorporated to pedigree analysis. Add the previous genetic testing indicating the superiority of The Apache, I hope for much better results in getting Group One horses than the general population of 1 in 500ish!

– Written by Winston Chow



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