A flying Faustino will move up the log after his weekend victory taking the 400m WSB Dash!
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Seemyvision Leads Top 50 KZN Breeders Series (3 May)

A flying Faustino will move up the log after his weekend victory taking the 400m WSB Dash!
A flying Faustino will move up the log after his weekend victory taking the 400m WSB Dash!

As of 4 May, Seemyvision leads the top 50 of the KZN Breeders Series of races, however Piemonte Stud-bred Faustino (Crusade) will move up the log after winning the weekends 400m World Sports Betting Dash at Hollywoodbets Greyville.

KZN BREEDERS SERIES TOP 50  as at 3 May 2022
No.HorseAge Sex MR TrainerBreederPoints 
1SEEMYVISION5M91Roy Magner Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd 32
2JUSTAGUYTHING5G78Gavin van Zyl Mr Bruce Le Roux 32
3CAPTAIN SEAGER4G78Paul Lafferty Mr Bruce Le Roux 31
4CRAZY BLUES3F81Lorenzo Karriem Rathmor Stud (Nom: Mr M A McHardy) 30
5CAPETOWN BEAUTY3F83WDF Badenhorst/BC Kennedy Clifton Stud 29
6SOUND OF HOUNDS3C80St John Gray Graystone Stud 29
7AUNTY LIZZY3F90Kumaran Naidoo Mr Bruce Le Roux 27
8WILLOW EXPRESS4G99Sean Tarry Stone Hill Stud (Nom: Mr H C W Rix) 27
9ALFONSA SPAGONI6G64Mark Dixon Kinmount Stud 26
10MK’S PRIDE4C122Paul Peter Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd 25
11ETIQUETTE3G82Garth Puller Mr Bruce Le Roux 24
12FOREST JUMP5G69Darryl Moore Hartley S A (Pty) Ltd 24
13HEY BILL4G66Michael Roberts Mr Bruce Le Roux 24
14THE KOP4G85Sean Tarry Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd 22
15VICTORY TWIST4G81Tony Rivalland Estate Late Mr S R Rosseau 22
16CAMORA4G66Tony Rivalland Piemonte Stud 21
17FRANCA3F99Alan Greeff Piemonte Stud 21
18PRINCESS KESH3F83Ashley Fortune Mr R Plersch 21
19STRAIGHT UP5G80Duncan Howells Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd 21
20BLUE SAILS3F79Garth Puller Tertia Properties (Pty) Ltd (Nom: Mr S C Harley) 20
21FAUSTINO3G86Kumaran Naidoo Piemonte Stud 20
22GODSWOOD4G101Paul Peter Bush Hill Stud 20
23MAGIC TATTOO2C91Sean Tarry Bush Hill Stud 20
24MCKENNA SKYE3F85Paul Peter Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd 20
25TECHNO SAVVY4G61Peter Muscutt Scott Bros 20
26KUUMA3G90Sean Tarry Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd 19
27SNOW TUNE3F71Michael Roberts Clifton Stud 19
28STAR CRUSADE5G63Garth Puller Bush Hill Stud 19
29BERNIE’S DREAM4G75Glen Kotzen Mr & Mrs R B McGregor 18
30CALULO4F86Michael Roberts Mr Bruce Le Roux 18
31CRUSADE TO ROYALTY4F64Roy Magner Mr & Mrs Rob Pickering T/A Middlefield Stud 18
32KING’S CRUSADE4G84Joe Soma Mr Bruce Le Roux 18
33SIKHULU3G88WDF Badenhorst/BC Kennedy Clifton Stud 18
34MISS CHARLOTTE5M58Garth Puller Bush Hill Stud 18
35BIG SKY COUNTRY4F66Paul Lafferty Rathmor Stud (Nom: Mr M A McHardy) 17
36HAVE A GO JO4G80Sean Tarry Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd 17
37HOT STRIKE4F66Mark Dixon Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd 17
38MOTOR CITY HITMAN3G80Paul Peter Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd 17
39YOUNG NELSON3G70Zietsman Oosthuizen Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd 17
40SHOW TIME2F95Corrie Lensley Keivan Stud 17
41ADMIRE ME4F99Gavin van Zyl Khaya Stables (Pty) Ltd 16
42AQUAE SULIS5M87Duncan Howells Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd 16
43COIN SPINNER3G91Tony Rivalland Blue Sky Thoroughbreds 16
44THE MAKWAKKERS6G69Roy Magner The Flying Stud 16
45ROLLWITHTHEPUNCHES3G82Roy Magner Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd 16
46IN CAHOOTS6G70Sean Tarry Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd 16
47KILEIGH’S FATE4F55Michael Roberts Blue Sky Thoroughbreds 16
48PROUD MASTER3G85Dennis Drier Clifton Stud 16
49BLINDLOVE3F66Zietsman Oosthuizen Hartley S A (Pty) Ltd 15
50NIKIYA6M82Michael Roberts Mrs V L Roberts 15

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