Gold Circle Press Release: Barrier Trial Reports

Barrier Trials – Gold Circle



By Andrew Harrison

 With effect from 1 March 2018, Barrier Trials were made compulsory in KZN for all first time runners and runners that have been off the course for a period of 150 days and longer.

Basic information on the trials, such as time recorded and lengths behind the ‘winner’ of the trials is carried in the Gold Circle racecard, Computaform and other relevant formguides.

However, in an effort to make the Barrier Trials punter friendly and to provide more detailed information, Gold Circle has  appointed a team of seasoned ‘race readers’ to give their opinion on each trial.

They will comment on and assess the performances of individual participants as a guide to punters.

It is hoped that this initiative will lead to further transparency regarding first timers and prove to be a valuable aid for punters.

Each Barrier Trial will be archived and comments can be accessed on the Gold Circle website at

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