Rathmor Stud’s Suncoast KZN Yearling Sale Draft

Rathmor Stud’s Suncoast KZN Yearling Sale Draft

Lot 6 Si Si Senora
Miesque’s Approval – Rattled by Alami: Filly

Lot 83 Kartouche
King’s Chapel – Arnold’s Choice by Elliodor: Filly

Lot 187 Rush In
Windrush – In A While by Rakeen: Colt

Lot 189 Blechley Park
King’s Chapel – Irresistible by National Emblem: Colt

Lot 191 Sunglasses
Mogok – Jumeirah Beach by Jallad: Colt

Lot 231 Le Monde
Strategic News – Midinette by All Fired Up: Filly

Lot 231 Le Monde
Strategic News – Midinette by All Fired Up: Filly

Lot 10 Kahlua Rose (as Agent)
Kahal – Rose Model by Model Man: Filly

Lot 25 12Shadow Sport (as Agent)
Miesque’s Approval – Shadow Sport by Sportsworld: Colt

Lot 28 Silver Suzi (as Agent)
Strategic News – Silver Lace by Silvano: Filly

Lot 68 Leadpipe Joe (as Agent)
Miesque’s Approval – Water Berry by Fort Wood: Colt

Lot 89 Dancing Rockstar (as Agent)
Strategic News – Bejewelled Beauty by Rambo Dancer: Colt

Lot 92 Indian Bay (as Agent)
A.P. Answer – Betty’s Bay by West Man: Colt

Lot 94 Queen Of Credit (as Agent)
King Of Kings – Blacklisted by Count Du Bois: Filly

Lot 109 Camps Drift (as Agent)
Toreador – Catwalk Kate by Model Man: Colt

Lot 133 It Must Be My Aura (as Agent)
Ravishing – Dark Eyed Beauty by Kefaah: Filly

Lot 163 Sea Angel (as Agent)
Strategic News – Flotilla by Spaceship: Filly

Lot 164 Lovers Answer (as Agent)
A.P. Answer – Flower Lover by Exploit: Filly

Lot 166 Insider Trading (as Agent)
Visionaire – Foreign Trade by Announce: Colt

Lot 167 Boulogne (as Agent)
Mogok – Frankinsense by Winter Romance: Colt

Lot 237 Magic (as Agent)
Mogok – Mythical Model by Model Man: Colt

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