KZN Breeders Welcomes New Chairman And Directors

KZN Breeders Welcomes New Chairman And Directors

The KZN Breeders Club held its Annual General Meeting yesterday at the Nottingham Road Hotel, and elected a new Chairman and Board of Directors.

Koos De Klerk was elected as Chairman, Keith Russon as Vice Chairman, with Peter Blyth, Stuart Crawford, Alec Hogg, Wayne Kobusch, Bruce Le Roux, Hon Justice Magid, Linda Norval and Manny Testa being elected as Directors.

The KZN Breeders Club would like to thank previous Chairman Warwick Render for his hard work and effort, and outgoing Director Ian Outram for his work concerning the administration of the KZN Breeders Club and outgoing Director Mike McHardy.

We would like to congratulate the new Chairman and Directors on their appointments and look forward to the future ahead.

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