Bloodstock South Africa Added Value Stakes Incentive Relaunch

Bloodstock South Africa Added Value Stakes Incentive Relaunch

Tom Callaghan of Bloodstock South Africa is pleased to announce that they have revamped their Added Value Stakes Incentive program as part their continued efforts to reward excellence in breeding and racing.

“We will be offering added value stakes on ALL 76 black type races for 2 and 3 year olds for horses bought from BSA sales. This is broken down to 15 Gr 1 races, 13 Gr 2 races,21 Gr 1 Races and 27 Listed Races. The total added stakes pot will be R5m per annum which is split R3.25m for owners, R1m for breeders, R500k for trainers and R250k for the Horse Care Units to help with the care of our retired athletes.

“The buyer buy-in is R5000 for NYS and R2500 on other sales, and while buy-in is still voluntary, I encourage you all to participate in this new program as the chances of winning are much higher and rewards early types as well as later developing 3 year olds.

“The program is well represented in all major racing centres and will reward quality bloodstock for performance on the racetrack – so remember to tick the box and ensure you are eligible for this new and exciting incentive.

“This program will raise R250 000 per annum for our Horse Care Units and is an important part of us all giving back to the industry by looking after our retired athletes – some of whom are in desperate need of our help.”

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