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KZN Series Log Update – 21 April

Hatta, trained by Michael Roberts.
KZN Breeders Series 2023
Seq.HorseAge Sex MR TrainerBreederPre NomsPoints 
1HATTA5M67Michael Roberts Hartley S A (Pty) Ltd Yes40
2BEECHAMWOOD BOY4G90Wendy Whitehead Mr Bruce Le Roux Yes32
3PARMENION3G76Garth Puller Tertia Properties (Pty) Ltd (Nom: Mr S C Harley) Yes26
4RARATONGA ROSE3F90Lucky Houdalakis Mr L M F Wernars Yes26
5CAMORA5G87Tony Rivalland Piemonte Stud Yes26
6HEY BILL5G71Michael Roberts Mr Bruce Le Roux Yes25
7CALULO5M88Michael Roberts Mr Bruce Le Roux Yes23
8TEICHMAN6G75Wendy Whitehead Scott Bros Yes22
9AFRICAN DUSK3G79Garth Puller Mr Bruce Le Roux Yes20
10ESCAPOLOGIST3F78Mark Dixon Mr R Plersch Yes20
11STRAWBERRY BEAR3G106Michael Miller Miss B A M Giddy Yes20
12ETIQUETTE4G83Garth Puller Mr Bruce Le Roux Yes20
13HOOVES OF TROY6G89Wendy Whitehead Hartley S A (Pty) Ltd Yes20
14JUSTAGUYTHING6G83Gareth van Zyl Mr Bruce Le Roux Yes20
15STRAIGHT UP6G81Duncan Howells Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd Yes19
16MISSION ROCKS3F75Duncan Howells Bush Hill Stud Yes18
17AFRICAN SKYLINE4G94Garth Puller Mr Bruce Le Roux Yes18
18ROLLWITHTHEPUNCHES4G112Roy Magner Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd Yes18
19BIG CITY GIRL5M54Corne Spies Mr J J Snyman Yes18
20CHARA SANDS4G78Michael Roberts Mrs V L Roberts Yes17
21TWICE TO HEAVEN4F82Sharon B Kotzen Clifton Stud Yes17
22WAVE WARRIOR4G74Peter Muscutt Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd Yes17
23CAPRIANA5M59Carl Hewitson Piemonte Stud Yes17
24LAZY GUY5G67Doug Campbell Yellow Star Stud Yes17
25GET IN THE Q3F91Mark Dixon Blue Sky Thoroughbreds Yes16
26LUCKY DOLLAR3G76Stuart Ferrie Mr & Mrs Late A W Procter Yes16
27CRESTED EAGLE4G74Doug Campbell Mr B B Campbell Yes16
28MIX THE MAGIC4F60Phillip Labuschagne Barton Hall Stud Yes16
29BOWL FIRST3G80J A Janse van Vuuren Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd Yes15
30CORSICAN3G72Garth Puller Tertia Properties (Pty) Ltd (Nom: Mr S C Harley) Yes15
31AISLING4F90Kumaran Naidoo Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd Yes15
32THUNDER MASALA4G67Garth Puller Ascot Stud (Pty) Ltd Yes15
33MIDNIGHT GEM5M97Phillip Labuschagne Scott Bros Yes15
34SHAKEN NOT STIRRED5M56Duncan Howells Mr B A Reardon Yes15
35ASPOESTERTJIE3F72Carl Hewitson Clifton Stud Yes14
36SIKHULU4G94Louis Goosen Clifton Stud Yes14
37SKY CAFE4F63Wendy Whitehead Ms Nothemba Mlonzi Yes14
38AQUAE SULIS6M85Duncan Howells Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd Yes14
39JUSTFORTHEEPENNY6G55Nathan Kotzen Mr & Mrs Late A W Procter Yes14
40LORD EDWARD3G65Michael Roberts Mr Bruce Le Roux Yes13
41NONOTI3F68Michael Roberts Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd Yes13
42PETIT VERDOT3F68Garth Puller Clifton Stud Yes13
43PERFECT APPEAL4F61Nathan Kotzen Mr & Mrs Late A W Procter Yes13
44PEWTER SKY4G75Paul Matchett Mr Bruce Le Roux Yes13
45DANDOLO5G78Tony Rivalland Clifton Stud Yes13
46VICTORY TWIST5G80Tony Rivalland Estate Late Mr S R Rosseau Yes13
47GRANDE LUPO3G72Wendy Whitehead Piemonte Stud Yes12
48AUNTY LIZZY4F102Lorenzo Karriem Mr Bruce Le Roux Yes12
49BOLD ACT4F99Mike de Kock Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd Yes12
50PROUD MASTER4G92Stuart Ferrie Clifton Stud Yes12
51THE GLIDING FISH4G70Mark Dixon Clifton Stud Yes12
52COUNTY KILDARE5M58Wendy Whitehead Bush Hill Stud Yes12
53FLYING THE STAR5M54Corinne Bestel Clifton Stud Yes12
54MCEBISI5G70Corne Spies Breedon Stud Close Corporation Yes12
55VIHZOE’S MAGIC5M70Lunga Gila Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd Yes12
56NEWS STREAM7G88Mark Dixon Kinmount Stud Yes12
57MIGHTY GODDESS3F73Billy Ruiters Blue Sky Thoroughbreds Yes11
58ROSA DOURADA3F73Sharon B Kotzen Clifton Stud Yes11
59CAPETOWN BEAUTY4F85WDF Badenhorst/BC Kennedy Clifton Stud Yes11
60HAWKER TYPHOON5M91Garth Puller Scott Bros Yes11
61KILEIGH’S FATE5M56Michael Roberts Blue Sky Thoroughbreds Yes11
62ADDABAR3G80M J Odendaal Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd Yes10
63CAPTAIN CASEY3G103Tony Rivalland Clifton Stud Yes10
64L’ULTIMO3G75Stuart Ferrie Piemonte Stud Yes10
65LADY ZULTANITE3F65Dianne Stenger Clifton Stud Yes10
66ROY’S JULY MAGIC4G62Kumaran Naidoo Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd Yes10
67PRINCE OF TARANTO5G91Tony Rivalland Clifton Stud Yes10
68MISS LIALAH5M55Garth Puller Mr Bruce Le Roux Yes9
69BEGUILING3F73Phillip Labuschagne Clifton Stud Yes8
70IM THE BUZZ3F73Tienie Prinsloo Mr & Mrs J Martin Yes8
71KENTALLEN BAY3G90Corne Spies Breedon Stud Close Corporation Yes8
72RUSSIAN DOLL3F84Michael Roberts Mrs V L Roberts Yes8
73EDVIGE4F66Wendy Whitehead Piemonte Stud Yes8
74GIAMBATTISTA4G65Wendy Whitehead Piemonte Stud Yes8
75MALCOLM’S DREAM4F62Mark Dixon Kinmount Stud Yes8
76MYTHICAL TUNE4F57Duncan Howells Dr A R Bechard Yes8
77ADMIRE ME5M90Candice Dawson Khaya Stables (Pty) Ltd Yes8
78MAGICALLEE5M67Gary Rich Bush Hill Stud Yes8
79WISHFUL GIRL LINN6M89Cliffie Miller Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd Yes8
80KALAHARI BLUE3G82J A Janse van Vuuren Bush Hill Stud Yes7
81MAGIC PRINCE3G73Mike de Kock Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd Yes7
82PARIS RAIN3G78M J Odendaal Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd Yes7
83ULTIMATE JEWEL3G71WDF Badenhorst/BC Kennedy Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd Yes7
84FORGED IN ICE4F61WDF Badenhorst/BC Kennedy Summerview Stud Yes7
85HAROLD THE DUKE4G58Dianne Stenger Estate Late Mr S R Rosseau Yes7
86GERONIMO5G61Wendy Whitehead Mr & Mrs J Martin Yes7
87WILLOW EXPRESS5G97Sean Tarry Stone Hill Stud (Nom: Mr H C W Rix) Yes7
88CELTIC RUSH3G69David Nieuwenhuizen Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd Yes6
89DADDY’S JET3F62Nathan Kotzen Bush Hill Stud Yes6
90VERMACILLI3F64WDF Badenhorst/BC Kennedy Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd Yes6
91RARE FLAG4G58Corinne Bestel Clifton Stud Yes6
92ROY’S ROCKER4F50Kumaran Naidoo Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd Yes6
93NATALIA3F68Michael Roberts Mrs V L Roberts Yes5
94TRIPTOROYALTY3F64Michael Roberts Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd Yes5
95UMVOTI3F68Justin Snaith Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd Yes5
96CANDY FOR MY MOMMY4F60Kumaran Naidoo Mr S Bunwarie Yes5
97JOSHUA HOTSNAKE4G67Wendy Whitehead Mr G S Perkins Yes5
98RUN AGAIN4F50Corinne Bestel Clifton Stud Yes5
99SPYDAS CORNER5G88Cliffie Miller Rathmor Stud (Nom: Mr M A McHardy) Yes5
100ISHNANA8G104Garth Puller Mr R M Smith Yes5
101ARSENE LUPIN3C61Nathan Kotzen Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd Yes4
102BEACH LANDING3F0Alyson Wright Wynnholme Stud Yes4
103BELLE FONTAINE3F0M J Odendaal Clifton Stud Yes4
104BELLO GROSSO3G62Dennis Drier Piemonte Stud Yes4
105CARLOTINO3G52Glen Kotzen Mr L M F Wernars Yes4
106CASH CRUSADE3G68Michael Roberts Mr Bruce Le Roux Yes4
107EBONY BAY3G67Doug Campbell Sugar Hill Stud Yes4
108GUTEN TAG3F62Duncan Howells Mr Bruce Le Roux Yes4
109IBIZA NIGHT3G0Garth Puller Tertia Properties (Pty) Ltd (Nom: Mr S C Harley) Yes4
110JOY TO THE WORLD3F59Doug Campbell Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd Yes4
111JUST VIRGINIA3F69Garth Puller Tertia Properties (Pty) Ltd (Nom: Mr S C Harley) Yes4
112KANIMAMBO3G65Dianne Stenger Clifton Stud Yes4
113KARIN’S LEGACY3F70Corne Spies Breedon Stud Close Corporation Yes4
114KIMBOLTON CASTLE3G0Phillip Labuschagne Breedon Stud Close Corporation Yes4
115KING BAVARIAN3G60Alyson Wright Mr R Plersch Yes4
116KIT KAT KATIE3F63Phillip Labuschagne Mr Bruce Le Roux Yes4
117MAGIC LINK3G0Weichong Marwing Barton Hall Stud Yes4
118MAGIC TATTOO3C96Sean Tarry Bush Hill Stud Yes4
119MAKAHA BEACH3F62Sharon B Kotzen Clifton Stud Yes4
120MOON HARVEST3G70Doug Campbell Sugar Hill Stud & B B Campbell Yes4
121MR HENLEY3G90Tony Rivalland Blue Sky Thoroughbreds Yes4
122MYSTERIOUS GIRL3F65Yogas Govender Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd Yes4
123MYSTIQUE ROUGE3F0 Clifton Stud Yes4
124NOBLE CITY BEAT3G0Alyson Wright Mr J J Snyman Yes4
125PHOENIX NOIR3F0Alyson Wright Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd Yes4
126PIKE PLACE3G0Dianne Stenger Clifton Stud Yes4
127PIRATE PRINCE3G81Alyson Wright Bush Hill Stud Yes4
128PONGOLA3G76Michael Roberts Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd Yes4
129STEVIE GEE3G73Wendy Whitehead Mr G S Perkins Yes4
130SWEETER THAN HONEY3F61Doug Campbell Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd Yes4
131TABATHA CAT3F65Nathan Kotzen Bush Hill Stud Yes4
132TERRA SANTE3C58Wendy Whitehead Piemonte Stud Yes4
133UMHLALI3F73Michael Roberts Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd Yes4
134WHATSUPBUTTACUP3F0Alyson Wright Rathmor Stud (Nom: Mr M A McHardy) Yes4
135WILL O ME3F64Garth Puller Mr G C Kalil Yes4
136ZULULANGA3F0Corinne Bestel Clifton Stud Yes4
137BONNIE STAR4F23 Camargue Stud Yes4
138COIN SPINNER4G101Tony Rivalland Blue Sky Thoroughbreds Yes4
139FAUSTINO4G98Gareth van Zyl Piemonte Stud Yes4
140FIRU STAR4G63Garth Puller Mr Bruce Le Roux Yes4
141IF YOU SAY SO4F51Mark Dixon Kinmount Stud Yes4
142LINGANOMORE4F66 Breedon Stud Close Corporation Yes4
143OH MY WORD ITS ROY4G49Kumaran Naidoo Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd Yes4
144PRINCESS KESH4F81Ashley Fortune Mr R Plersch Yes4
145SEA CRUISE4F60Doug Campbell Sugar Hill Stud Yes4
146GOLD ENSIGN5G64B Botes / Y Vosloo Clifton Stud Yes4
147SILVER CRUSADE5M0Nathan Kotzen Mr Bruce Le Roux Yes4
148THE KOP5G91Sean Tarry Summerhill Stud (Pty) Ltd Yes4
149FOREST JUMP6G76Darryl Moore Hartley S A (Pty) Ltd Yes4
150PUTINS PROMISE6G81Lorenzo Karriem Graystone Stud Yes4
151MERLIN FROM BERLIN7G79Nathan Kotzen Mr R Plersch Yes4
152THE BAYOU8G65Paul Lafferty Scott Bros Yes4

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