KZN Breeders Dressage Challenge 2018



KZN Breeders and KZN Dressage have once again joined to highlight the Thoroughbred horse and their successful competitive careers after racing.

The KZN Breeders Association, a club comprising of Stud farms who breed racehorses in the province of Kwa-Zulu Natal – including our Champion national Thoroughbred Breeders’ Summerhill Stud – will be sponsoring during the competitive year of 2018.

The KZN Breeders are looking forward once more to a symbiotic relationship with KZN Dressage with a common love of the Thoroughbred horse. The competition was initiated to highlight the successful careers and versatility of the Thoroughbred breed in varying riding sports and disciplines, post racing, and KZN Breeders would like to thank KZN Dressage for their enthusiasm and initiation, which KZN Breeders are happy to support.

The successful retraining of ex-racehorses competing in various equestrian disciplines has seen them consistently prove themselves in both the local and international sport horse arenas. Dressage is considered to be the ultimate in equestrian sport, requiring great precision and discipline from both horse and rider.

“KZN Dressage are thrilled to announce that KZN BREEDERS have once again picked up the reins in support of our THOROUGHBRED Dressage Riders!

Victor Ludorum points for the 2018 year can be earned by fully paid up, registered riders of a Club, SAEF and DSA.

Don’t forget to register your fantastic thoroughbred at the same time! Come and strut your stuff at the next KZN Affiliated Dressage Show.”


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