Thank you to @Keri Bainborough for allowing us to share this heartfelt tribute to her father Bruce Le Roux, of @Blue Sky Thoroughbreds, who is one of the many passionate and dedicated faces of #KZNBreeding & #KZNRacing.

Keri posted her tribute after the wonderful success that Blue Sky Thoroughbreds enjoyed at the recently concluded Bloodstock South Africa National Yearling Sale, where they had two #KZNBred “equine millionaires” with Lots 330 and 364 going for R1.3 and R1.9 million respectively.

Here in her own words is her amazing tribute to a man who typifies the best qualities of a horseman in every way!

“Forty years ago, in 1984, my dad Bruce le Roux went to his first National Yearling Sale in Johannesburg (I was born about 9 months later – and the next year I was there in my pram too!). This year he sold two yearlings at the sales for over a million rand each. He’s stuck to the game and to his passion all this time, through thick and thin, ups and downs, clients who didn’t pay, restrictions and setbacks, and I’m so proud of him. We all are! Well done! Dad, you are the epitome a true horseman; of hard work and compassion. All those years spent growing up running around the sales and the race courses as kids has been worth it to see you soar. You taught me how to help a mare give birth. How to approach horses gently. And how to deal with people too (“be kind, but take no shit!”) You deserve every success! Love you lots xxx Christopher Le Roux Jono G le Roux Andrew Bainborough Nadine St. John-Rose Delia le Roux Bianca Boucher”.


* Keri with her Dad at one of the early National sale thanks to her for picture.

@The Thoroughbred Breeders Association Of South Africa @Sporting Post

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