So Close,

So Close, 25 June, 2012
– Lisa Barrett

Queen Elizabeth greets Black Caviar after her win in the Diamond Jubilee. A special moment.

Saturday’s much-hyped running of the Diamond Jubilee Stakes (Gr.1) at Royal Ascot certainly produced a thrilling conclusion, but it was nearly a case of so near yet so far for Australian wonder mare Black Caviar. Billed as one of the highlights in the famous week of racing, it was the English debut for the Australian wonder mare, who was expected to make an easy meal of it.

Moving along nicely, the “Wonder from Down Under” seemed poised to make it an easy victory. However in a controversial and totally perplexing move, her jockey Luke Nolan eased her down as she approached the line. Realising that Moonlight Cloud was closing fast, Nolan gave Black Caviar a final push, and for a moment it seemed as if time stood still, as Black Caviar and Moonlight Cloud lunged for the line. In the end though, she managed to hang on and win by a nose.

Black Caviar came, she saw and she conquered. Image: Getty Images

The news that emerged from the stables this morning though was not so positive though, it has been reported that she tore two of her muscles and had severe bruising in her hindquarters after her herculean effort yesterday. It is not clear at what stage of the race she suffered these two injuries, but the fact that she was still able to run and hold on for a win, is all the more impressive.

Black Caviar will be given a full check by the veterinarians before going back into quarantine for the long trip home. Her future will be decided once a clearer picture emerges of her injuries and how severe they may be.

Her trainer, Peter Moody is confident though that she will be able to return to racing. Let’s hope he is right, as it would be a sad day for racing if we were no longer able to witness Black Caviar racing.

Lisa Barrett
– Guest Writer

“Lisa Barrett”, her psuedonym, currently works at a stud farm in the KZN Midlands – a position she has held for the past eight years. She describes herself as “absolutely and totally besotted by horses” and she is in a fortunate position to work with a stallion she idolises every day. She describes herself as “continually fascinated by every aspect of the racehorse business, especially pedigrees!”

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