Wynnholme Stud

Situated in the heart of the Midlands, Mooi River, the picturesque Wynnholme Stud is nestled in an area famed for producing some of the country’s top racing stock.

As the stud owner I have gleened a wealth of knowledge and experience over the years, most of all a passion for the horses we breed and raise with loving care. The approach to our farm sets the tone, with the impressive facilities throughout Wynnholme being modern and pristine. Our experienced team provides a strong ‘hands on’ approach to the management of the boutique stud, which caters exclusively for every nurturing step of raising a young thoroughbred. Providing a quality personalized service from broodmare management to foaling, yearling preparation for sales, spelling and the retirement of racehorses that have made their owners proud, it is our belief that the meticulous management of our farm generates a well-grown and conditioned horse with a settled temperament, making them very easy to work with, and the genetics to win. Choosing quality over quantity, the horses in the care of Wynnholme Stud are each a name and not a number. We like to keep an exclusive number of mares where each horse is able to receive the extra daily dose of personal attention under our care. Management is permanently present at shoeing and vet visits, the horses are never left on the property without an experienced watchful eye present. The grazing at Wynnholme consists of Cocksfoot, Fescue and Kikuyu grass, while the horses are provided with Hay, year round. The horses are assessed and matched in temperament , based on the tranquility of the paddocks, with only four to six horses allocated per paddock. Large foaling boxes are situated closely to the main homestead for ease of access, as well as a vet room and a crush facility available for the broodmares. The paddocks are made up of Post and Rail, as well as electric fencing which restricts the chances of injury. Smaller 10x12m camps cater for newborn foals prior to the introduction of bigger paddocks, as well as injured horses brought to Wynnholme to rest – particularly advantageous for racehorses coming out of box rest. With the ability to give each horse individual one-on-one attention, it makes it an ideal facility for the spelling, rest and recuperation of racehorses, where we are able to go the extra mile. Wynnholme Stud is also able to cater for clients wishing to visit their horses in a beautiful setting, with self-catering upmarket accommodation provided on the farm, with close and easy access from the N3 highway.

Contact Details:

Ingrid Klug: +27 (0) 83 787 1905 / wynnholmestud@lantic.net
Hidcote Road, Mooi River

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  1. Ingrid ex reco.
    Wendy ex reco
    Wondered all these years where you were. You doing what you always loved horses.
    I live in the cape.
    Vaughan is in Bermuda
    Surname now voltaire.

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